War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0709 Chapter XXXI. THE MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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Question. I spoke of all the troops there for the defense of Maryland Heights.

Answer. there were, I believe, five or six companies off to the left, at Unsell's and the spring there; they were performing picket duty.

Question. How far was that away?

Answer. Not over a half a mile, I should think.

Question. Had they been driven in?

Answer. When the fight was raging on the mountain. They had to be driven because they had to come in around that way. Then there was a force went out in the morning to Solomon's Gap, some six companies, under the command of Major Hildebrandt; they came back and claimed that they were driven in, but I did not believe they were.

Question. Were you with Colonel Ford at the time he determined to abandon the heights?

Answer. No, sir; I was out, carrying orders.

Question. Were you with him when he gave the order?

Answer. Yes, sir; I carried the order.

Question. Then you were with him when he determined to abandon the heights?

Answer. Yes, sir; he told me he had the order ready.

Question. Do you know what reason he gave for abandoning the heights?

Answer. The reason that we all had; that the troops would not stand, and we could not get any re-enforcements.

Question. What was the reason assigned by Colonel Ford?

Answer. The reason was that they refused him re-enforcements, and what troops he had did not stand their ground.

Question. I understood you to say that only one regiment ran; that all the others stood their ground.

Answer. We had only six companies of our regiments there.

Question. That was the reason assigned by Colonel Ford?

Answer. Yes, sir; one of the reasons, I believe.

Question. You know of no instructions that he had from any higher authority to abandon the heights, do you?

Answer. No, sir. I was constantly on the move that morning, and was not in headquarters only to receive orders and carry them.

By Colonel FORD:

Question. Did you not hear me say, after speaking of the condition of the troops, that I had been ordered or authorized by Colonel Miles to evacuate?

Answer. You had moved up to Captain McGrath's quarters?

Question. Yes, sir.

Answer. Up near the field?