War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0701 Chapter XXXI. THE MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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By Colonel FORD:

Question. Do you think a man could well have done more than I did to lead those troops back on the mountain?

Answer. I do not know whether you led them on the mountain in person or not.

Question. Starting them up under command of my aides?

Answer. I know you sent them up; I do not know whether they took them up or not.

Question. Was Colonel Miles and myself both working there?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. For two or three hours?

Answer. I do not know how long; I do not think as long as that. You were both working to drive them up the hill.

Major JOHN A. STEINER, called by Colonel Ford, and sworn and examined as follows:

By Colonel FORD:

Question. What is your position in the military service of the United States?

Answer. Major.

Question. Of what?

Answer. Of the First Maryland Regiment Volunteers, Potomac Home Brigade.

Question. Were you on Maryland Heights at the time I arrived there?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. What means have you of knowing the amount of the enemy's forces attacking us there, through Solomon's Gap, and on the crest, and on the eastern slope of the mountain?

Answer. From the reports of the officers who observed them from the top of the mountain.

Question. In your opinion, how may men were attacking us there?

Answer. I thought there were some 12,000 or 15,000, perhaps more; I thought that at the time.

Question. When were our pickets shelled out of Solomon's Gap?

Answer. I think on Thursday, previous to the evacuation of the heights; I am not certain, however, about the time, but I think it was Thursday.

Question. How long had you been on the heights, in camp there?

Answer. I received the order from Colonel Miles on the 23rd of June last. On the 24th I went the heights and relieved the New York Eighth Cavalry, and was there then until the evacuation of Maryland Heights.

Question. were you acquainted there with the roads, by-ways, paths, &c.?

Answer. Not all of them, but the principal roads.

Question. Were you acquainted with the roads, generally, leading to the places where our troops were stationed, under Colonel Sammon, Captain Palmer, Major Hewitt, Captain Curmbecker, &c.?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Describe to this court the condition of those roads, as to the practicability of traveling them.