War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0699 Chapter XXXI. MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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Question. You did not read it?

Answer. No, sir; I did not.

Question. Did you understand at the time that order was an order for immediate evacuation, or was it left discretionary with Colonel Ford to do so if he thought the enemy's forces were too great for him?

Answer. I really could not say in regard to that.

Question. Had you no impression at the time?

Answer. Not the slightest. I had not made up my mind. I was fearful the thing might occur.

Question. The order made no impression on you?

Answer. Yes, sir; a very serious impression.

Question. What was it?

Answer. It was that I had to abandon my works. I had done everything I could to make them effectual, and thought we would have to leave them before we had a proper fight.

Question. In other words, you had an impression of disappointment?

Answer. Yes, sir; that is the full term.


Question. Have you particularly described the conduct of Major Baird?

Answer. I did not know his conduct. I simply had hearsay in relation to that. I simply saw him going up with his regiment.

Question. You did not see his conduct upon the field or during the retreat?

Answer. No, sir.

By the COURT:

Question. Did you have any conversation with Colonel Miles that morning at your battery?

Answer. Yes, sir; a few words; not many.

Question. Did he say anything that would indicate that he thought it was necessary to abandon the heights?

Answer. I do not think he did that morning. He did the day before. He was up there the day before.

Question. I speak of that morning.

Answer. I do not recollect that he said anything about it that morning.


Question. Do you think the order you speak of as being read to you was more than the previous declaration that if you were overwhelmed you were to abandon the heights, or do you think it was an order to evacuate at once?

Answer. I could not say, for my life; I have not the remotest knowledge; I recollect simply that Colonel Ford read it to me, and about that time things looked very dark, the people running away in all direction. That was so humiliating that I did not pay much attention to the order. A little while afterward Colonel Ford came to me and asked me if I had it; he had dropped it or lost it in some way. I told him, "No, sir; I did not have it in my hands at all." I think he came twice in relation to it.