War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0697 Chapter XXXI. MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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By Colonel FORD:

Question. Was not the way they approached through Solomon's Gap, into Pleasant Valley?

Answer. Yes, sir. I do not know as they could get up there any other way to the valley.

Question. The first night they came there and shelled us out to Solomon's Gap, how many regiments did they bring there?

Answer. I could not say anything about that.

Question. Do you know what a deserter reported about it?

Answer. I recollect a deserter being down to your camp, but I have forgotten what he said.

By the COURT:

Question. Did you have command of all the artillery on Maryland Heights?

Answer. Yes, sir; all that was there at the time.

Question. How much artillery was there?

Answer. Seven pieces altogether. I got four brass pieces just before. I got two pieces two days before, on Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon I got two more; I think that was the time I received them.

Question. What was the caliber of those pieces?

Answer. They were 12-pounders, all the four brass pieces.

Question. And of the other pieces?

Answer. I had two 9-inch guns and one 5-inch gun.

Question. Were those pieces near together in one battery?

Answer. The big guns were about a rod apart.

Question. All the pieces were int he same breastwork, were they?

Answer. The four brass pieces were in one breastwork. I got up a breastwork; I think I had twelve hours' notice.

Question. Had you plenty of ammunition for those small 12-pounders?

Answer. Yes, sir; I had a pretty good supply. I sent over twice.

Question. Did you ever have occasion to use those 12-pounders?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. When?

Answer. I covered the retreat of the whole body down the mountain; I worked the guns until they were all down the hill, and some of them on the pontoon bridge, I think, when I spiked the guns, and worked them pretty much all day the day before.

Question. Did you have occasion to use them coming down the mountain?

Answer. I was on the side of the mountain, and these men who retreated from the top of the mountain came down right on my works, and so down the road. The road was right through my camp.

Question. Did you have occasion to use those pieces at all?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. What did you fire at?

Answer. I fired at the enemy, I presumed. I had the woods cut back of me about 100 yards, all clean down, back of me and all around.