War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0694 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

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Question. Nothing said about the troops being moved off in good order?

Answer. I have no doubt there was, but I do not recollect it; I could not swear to it. I recollect very well your bringing the order down and reading it. I think it was sodom after that you called the orderly, some time after that, I think. My impression as that it that it was after that; the next time he came up from the quarters.


Question. At what hour of the day was this?

Answer. I should think it was along about 12 o'clock; somewhere in that neighborhood.

Question. How long before the evacuation took place was it?

Answer. I should judge it was a couple of hours, or two hours and a half; I hardly know. I should say it was about that time.

Question. You say that Colonel Ford asked your opinion of the order. From that did you think he asked your opinion as to what the order meant, or whether that condition of the order on which he was to evacuate had not occurred? Upon what point did he ask your opinion?

Answer. He read the order to me. As I told you, I had my hand on his thigh; he was on horseback. These men kept running down all the time. He said to me, "Captain, under these circumstances, I guess we had better leave here." Said he, "It is no use; these men are running in all directions;" and they were running in all directions," and they were running in all directions, as I saw them. They retreated soon after they came there. They did not have much more than time to get to the top of the mountain, not more than a half hour, before they broke and came down on me.

Question. You cannot undertake to say whether it was an absolute order to evacuate or an order to evacuate on condition that certain things happened, as that he was overwhelmed, or that his men broke and run?

Answer. I could not say in relation to that.

By Colonel FORD:

Question. I want you to state to this court whether during all this time I was cool, and calm, and dispassionate.

Answer. Perfectly so.

Question. As much so as you ever saw me?

Answer. Yes, sir; I did not any difference from what it is now, that I am aware of.

By the COURT:

Question. If the troops upon the heights had stood their ground, how long do you suppose you could have held that place, with the troops that were there?

Answer. If they stood there, I think I should have been there yet.

Question. If those troops upon the heights had an efficient commander do you not suppose they would have remained there? Do you not think the difficulty was that there was nobody up there to control them?

Answer. That was the general opinion.

Question. Is it not your opinion?

Answer. Yes, sir.