War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0693 Chapter XXXI. MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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Answer. No, sir; all I heard about it was this: Colonel Miles came up there, I think the day before, and called me aside. Said he, "Captain, they are about here in force." Said I, "Yes, I believe they are." He said, "Damn 'em, fight 'em." I said, "I will stay here, colonel, until you say to, and I hope you not say that." Said he, "No, sir; I will not say 'go';" and then he said, "Captain, if we are compelled to have 'em." That was about what he said. He did not intimate to leave, or anything of that kind, then, unless it was a hopeless case, as I understood him.

Question. Was there anything said by Colonel Miles on the day of the evacuation? You saw Colonel Miles and me together, did you not?

Answer. You were quite a ways off from us; I do not know what passed between you and him.

Question. Do you remember my questioning an orderly as to when he started with this order from Colonel Miles?

Answer. Yes, sir; I recollect that.

Question. Do you remember my putting him through a very severe examination?

Answer. I recollect you asked him what time he left there.

Question. And if he came direct?

Answer. I do not recollect that.

Question. Do you recollect his coming up there and my calling him to us, and putting him through a regular questioning, catechizing him some time about that order?

Answer. I know you had some conversation; I do not know what it was. I simply heard you ask him what time he left. I recollect something in relation in relation to that between you and the orderly-what time it was, or who he was; I do not know anything about it whatever.

By the COURT:

Question. You had no idea of what the substance of the order was?

Answer. The colonel read it to me. He was on horseback, and I had my hand on his thigh. The document went on to order Colonel Ford to spike the guns, if it was necessary, or something like that. I did not pay particular attention to it. The colonel asked me what I though about it; if we better not, under the circumstances, abandon the place.

Question. Did it speak of abandoning the place and spiking the guns, or only of spiking the guns?

Answer. I think it referred to both, if I recollect properly. Colonel Ford read the order to me, but the purport of it I do not exactly remember.

Question. State whether you had any understanding of what it was, and what that understanding was?

Answer. The substance of it was to vacate and spike the guns.

Question. To vacate immediately and unconditionally?

Answer. I did not understand the particulars. He read it to me. Said he, "Captain, come here." He then read the paper to me. I did not understand the whole of it; I simply understood that we were to abandon the place. He asked my opinion about it.

By Colonel FORD:

Question. Do you not recollect distinctly that I was directed to take the troops off in good order, and cautioned to see that they did not stampede down the hill?

Answer. No, sir; I do not recollect that.