War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0681 Chapter XXXI. MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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Question. What time in the day was this?

Answer. I could not tell. I presume I could not tell within two or three hours. I had been up there all night, and in the excitement I could not tell. But then I should think it was afternoon.

Question. Do you recollect any of the declarations of Colonel Miles about the troops running at that time?

Answer. I recollect Colonel Miles making a remark there ordering some one to the command of the regiment.

Question. Do you recollect his speaking of the troops running down the hill on all sides?

Answer. I recollect his attention was called to the fact that they were down there at that time. There was very little said there.

Question. Were you very much excited yourself about the troops running down the hill?

Answer. I did not like it very well.

Question. Were you not in a perfect rage about it?

Answer. No, sir; I was not very much excited. I do not very often get very much excited.

Question. Were you not very much exhausted, and did you not say so, in your efforts to keep the men from running down?

Answer. I think I did. I had got a horse then from somebody. I took a horse. I did not know who it belonged to.

Question. Do you know of any efforts made to re-enforce us on the mountain?

Answer. I did not know of any.

Question. Do you think if we had all the force over from Harper's Ferry, we could have held the mountain against the enemy?

Answer. Why, yes, sir.

Question. Do you think we could in the condition of our troops there?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. As they then were?

Answer. Yes, sir; I think we could have held it longer than we did.

Question. How much longer?

Answer. As long as we had anything to eat, if it been properly attended to, if the hill had been properly fortified; but under the circumstances I cannot tell-I do not know.

Question. Was the hill fortified?

Answer. Nothing, only that little breastwork beyond the lookout.

Question. How long was that?

Answer. Only a few rods. It ought to have been, I should think, a little longer to the left.

Question. A side from the forces there at the lookout and at the brestwork, do you know where our other forces there on the hill were located?

Answer. Most of them on Bolivar Heights.

Question. I mean the forces on Maryland Heights. Do you know, for instance, where Captain Crumbecker was with his force?

Answer. No, sir; I do not know of any particular force. There was not any force on the hill except some 1,400 or 1,500.