War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0679 Chapter XXXI. MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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Question. Was any officer subsequently arrested for misconduct-any officer or soldier? Have any examples been made, or anything been done?

Answer. No, sir; not that I know of.

Question. No officer or soldiers has been arrested for misconduct on that occasion?

Answer. Not that I know of.

Question. What was the loss of killed and wounded in your regiment there?

Answer. I think there were some 14 or 15 killed; killed and wounded, some 40 or 50.

Question. Do you know that to be the number/

Answer. I do not know it to be correct. It is either 14 or 15 killed. I would not state positive to a man about that.

Question. Do you mean killed and wounded on Maryland Heights, or during the whole siege?

Answer. The whole siege.

Question. I referred to Maryland Heights.

Answer. I do not know. There were very few killed there.

Question. Were there any killed that you know of?

Answer. I cannot say that there were any killed on the heights.

Question. How many were there wounded, if any?

Answer. There were a great many wounded on the heights. Colonel Sherrill and Captain Scott were wounded. O! yes, there was one reported to me killed. I know I got his watch and his tobacco box. I do not think there were more than one or two or two or three out of our regiment killed on the hill.

Question. How many of the enemy do you suppose you saw up there?

Answer. I did not see a great many. I could not give much of an opinion. It was in the woods. It was under excitement.

Question. Have you ever been in service before?

Answer. Not in any particular engagement. Not in any such engagement as we had on the hill. Not quite so close work. I have been in the service before, in the Thirty-third Regiment. I commenced the service about the time the war broke out. I think my resignation was dated in February last. I was out of the service then up to the time this regiment was formed. I assisted in raising Company A, of this regiment, and was the commandant of Camp Swift, at Geneva.

Question. Where is Colonel Sherrill now?

Answer. He left us at Annapolis and went home in sixty days' furlough.

Question. Where is his home?

Answer. At Geneva, Ontario County, New York.

By Colonel FORD:

Question. Do you know me?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Do you remember seeing Colonel Miles and myself on the hill-slope on that day? Do you remember seeing us together?

Answer. Between your quarters and where we were, or down the road?

Question. On the slope of the mountain, down toward the hospital.

Answer. I recollect going down and reporting there. I could not say you were there. I recollect going and reporting to Colonel Miles down there.