War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0668 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

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Question. Do you remember my giving orders to the batteries to hitch their horses up, and they did so?

Answer. I believe so. They were not taken up on the hill, but retained in the valley, out of range.

Question. Do you know what I said to Colonel Miles as to what I wanted to do?

Answer. No, sir; I was not with you when you saw Colonel Miles that day. Lieutenant Parker was with you when you saw Colonel Miles that day.

By the COURT:

Question. You speak of two pieces of the enemy's battery on Loudoun Heights being dismounted by the battery. How do you know that?

Answer. They said so whan they came over. Two officers came over to examine the battery; they said they wanted to see the battery that dismounted their pieces. They told some very exaggerated stories as to the number of men killed and wounded by that battery.

Question. Did you bring from Maryland Heights all the guns there?

Answer. No, sir; we brought over all that were mounted; the others were thrown down and their carriages all hacked to pieces.

Question. Was the ammunition you did not bring away destroyed or left there?

Answer. It was left there.

Question. Do you know, of your own knowledge, that there was a single individual of the enemy's army killed or wounded during the siege of Harper's Ferry?

Answer. I did not see a single one. All I know is what was told me by their officers afterward.

Question. I want what you know of your own knowledge.

Answer. No, sir; for I did not go beyond what had been our own position, except to cross in the direction of Sandy Hook, at which there was no firing.

Question. How long after the evacuation of Maryland Heights did you go over there?

Answer. About twenty-four hours.

Question. Was there any evidence of the enemy being there then?

Answer. As I passed through Camp Hill, Major Wood suggested that I should go to several batteries on Camp Hill, and caution them not to fire, as they might fire on us. As I did so I saw some horsemen near where had been Colonel Ford's headquarters. Captain Potts planted a shell very near them and they went away. That was just before we went across.

Question. What was the distance from Camp Hill, where Captain Potts' battery was, to the top of Maryland Heights, where that battery was?

Answer. I could not say; it appeared to be in easy range. Captain Potts said, as I left him, that he would cover us.

Question. Did you see any enemy there?

Answer. As we crossed the pontoon bridge I saw some on the road that passes along the crest, and Major Wood left a half a company, or a platoon, at the road at the foot of the hill-the road which goes around to Sandy Hook-so as to cover our retreat.

By General WHITE:

Question. Did you get any information in regard to the strength of the enemy that invested Harper's Ferry? If so, state what it was.