War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0662 OPERATIONS IN N.VA.,W.VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

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ammunition except long fuses. I was short for the 12-pounder gun, but I went down and got some and had it brought up.

Question. Do you say you had ammunition for all your guns, or for the two on the right?

Answer. For those two.

Question. You had sufficient ammunition to last how long; how many rounds altogether?

Answer. I cannot say that exactly; I had considerable.

Question. Solid shot and percussion shell?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. No fuses?

Answer. No long fuses. I had short fuses, plenty of them, but not such as I had been using.

Question. Had you anything on hand at that time but solid shot that could have been used at long range?

Answer. I had percussion shell. I had probably 100 rounds altogether of all kinds.

Question. For the two guns?

Answer. Yes, sir; for I had been down and brought up some from the Ferry.

Question. Were you in a position where you had an opportunity to observe the enemy's forces, their infantry, cavalry, &c., prior to the surrender?

Answer. I could see where they said they were, but I could not see them for the trees. I saw where they opened their batteries.

Question. How many batteries do you recollect that they had in position and operation on Monday morning?

Answer. There was one on Maryland Heights, and I think two on Loudoun Heights; one on the Shepherdstown road, and either one or two, I do not know which, over to my left, toward the Sheanandoah River.

Question. Beyond the Shenandoah?

Answer. I do not know whether they were beyond or not.

Question. Do you know of a battery directly in front of Captain Rigby, on the prolongation of the heights?

Answer. That is the one I mean, right off in that direction.

Question. Do you know of one east of the Shenandoah, on the plateau at the foot of the heights?

Answer. I do not know whether that was on the other side of the river or on the Harper's Ferry side.

Question. Do you know that there was a battery there?

Answer. Yes, sir; but I was engaged with the battery over toward the Shepherdstown road.

Question. Do you know of one between the Shepherdstown road and the Charlestown road?

Answer. Only one battery.

Question. On the Charlestown road?

Answer. Yes, sir, just in the woods, close by, between Halltown and the Potomac.

Question. Did the fire from these batteries pretty generally enfilade and flank all our positions?

Answer. I do not think they did, the whole of them.