War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0651 Chapter XXXI. THE MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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Answer. To Major McIlvaine, and also to Colonel Milles.

Question. What was the reply?

Answer. The reply was that there was none there.

Question. It had all been distributed, do you mean?

Answer. Yes, sir; so I understood.

Question. It was impossible then for you to run your battery any longer, except with canister?

Answer. I could not have done it any longer, only with canister, and I had but twenty-one rounds of that left.

Question. Was the fire of the enemy mostly converged on the left?

Answer. On Monday morning it all seemed to be there, except one or two guns on the right.

Question. What is your opinion of the strength of the enemy in front of us on that day?

Answer. I do not know as I could give a very definite opinion.

Question. Had you any information?

Answer. I had no direct information farther than I got from Colonel Walker, chief of artillery in General Hills' division.

Question. What did he state?

Answer. He stated their force to be some 70,000 men in all; that is, on the converging points to the front, from the left of the Shenandoah around to the Charlestown road.

Question. What is your opinion as to the practicability of handling infantry that morning with a prospect of success in repulsing the attack of such a force of the enemy as you saw there?

Answer. I do not think it could have been done successfully.

Question. Colonel D'Utassy, Colonel Ford, Colonel Trimble, and myself are under arrest in connection with this investigation; if you had any means of observing the conduct of those officers, will you state what it was?

Answer. I observed the conduct of none except yourself and Colonel Trimble. It was in all respects becoming a good soldier. The other officers were away at such points that I could see nothing of them.

Question. Did you see either of the officers mentioned during those two engagements, Sunday night and Monday morning?

Answer. I saw you and Colonel Trimble in the heaviest fire to the front, rather between my battery and the enemy.

By the COURT:

Question. Do you know what loss the enemy suffered there?

Answer. I do not. I made an effort to learn, but was unsuccessful.

Question. What loss did you sustain in killed and wounded?

Answer. I had 3 men slightly wounded in my company; that was all.

Question. How long have you been in service?

Answer. I entered the service in this was on the 23rd of April, a year ago.

Question. What did you artillery fire at mostly here; at men or at batteries?

Answer. I had two of my guns directly on the batteries, and four in use on their lines.