War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0610 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

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Answer. We could see some officers try to stop them. I had as much as I could do with my own men with me, trying to stop them.

By the COURT:

Question. How many had you killed in your regiment?

Answer. I think 43 killed and wounded.


Question. Was the fire, when the men broke and ran, a very murderous one?

Answer. It was a very heavy fire.

Question. Did they remain at all after the fire commenced before they fled?

Answer. I have already said they fought some twenty minutes. I have been in some eight or ten fights, and I think it was as heavy a fire, for the time, as I ever saw.

By the COURT:

Question. What were the letters of your two companies on picket?

Answer. I could not tell.

Question. Do you recollect the names of the captains?

Answer. I do not. I went out and established the pickets myself; but the officers were all strangers to me. I cannot tell the names of half of them now.

Question. Did you rally your regiment again? Did your regiment ever come together again after that?

Answer. Yes, sir; I said I got them together above McGrath's battery, and marched them off.

Question. How far was that to the rear?

Answer. It was nearly a mile.

Question. What was the name of your adjutant?

Answer. The acting adjutant's name was Samuel A. Barras.

Question. Was he with you all the time?

Answer. No, sir; he was in the center.

Question. Do you know where he is now?

Answer. He was at Chicago when I left there.

Question. At the time your regiment fell back, how many men went with you when you went back?

Answer. I should think there were about 75. I was back in the rear pretty well, because I had the farthest to go to get too this side of the mountain, after we fell back.

Question. How were these men, in order or straggling along?

Answer. They were going in single file. They could not go in any other way. It was just a deer path.

Question. Did the other troops that were in the breastworks with your regiment fall back at the same time?

Answer. They did.

Question. Did your regiment break up or disperse more than any of the other regiments?

Answer. Not that I know of. My regiment had a number on their hats, about an inch and a half long, 126, so that a man could tell them as far as he could see them. In the other regiments I did not see any number on their hats.