War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0576 OPERATIONS IN N. VA.,W. VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

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By Colonel FORD:

Question. What was your profession before you entered the military service?

Answer. Medicine and surgery.

Question. Do you know the cause of my disability on Sunday evening and Monday while I was on the Harper's Ferry side? If so, state it.

Answer, I do. I know that you obtained leave of absence for sixty days, for the purpose of going home and having an operation performed for fistula; and that after you returned you had been almost utterly unable to ride horseback, and, in walking, the parts became so much inflamed that that caused a great deal of suffering and swelling. I know that Colonel Ford was confined to his bed in consequence of that swelling, on Sunday and Monday; I examined him myself. We had to bring him sway from Harper's Ferry on a bed in a wagon. I tried to obtain an ambulance for him, but I could not succeed.

The Commission adjourned until to-morrow at 10 a. m.

WASHINGTON, D. C., October 7, 1862.

The Commission met pursuant to adjournment.

* * * * * *

Rev. SYLVESTER W. CLEMANS, called by the Government, was sworn and examined as follows:


Question. What position do you occupy in the military service?

Answer. I am chaplain of the One hundred and fifteenth New York State Volunteers.

Question. Were you occupying that position during the late events at Harper's Ferry?

Answer. I was.

Question. Were you present at the time that Maryland Heights were evacuated?

Answer. I was on Bolivar Heights at that time.

Question. Did you have any conversation with Colonel Miles, or hear him have any conversation with others, as to the circumstances under which the evacuation of those heights took place?

Answer. I had no conversation with Colonel Miles, and I did not hear him have conversation with others; that is, with individuals. I heard some language he used on discovering the movement of the brigade on Maryland Heights.

Question. Will you state what it was?

Answer. I was standing on Bolivar Heights. Colonel Miles rode up there and halted his horse, perhaps 30 feet from me, and with his glass took a survey of the heights. In his apparent astonishment, as he saw the first movement of the retreat from Maryland Heights, I could give his own language if necessary.

Question. Give it.

Answer. He exclaimed "God Almighty; what does that mean? They are coming down! Hell and damnation!" He wheeled his horse and rode toward Camp Hill.

Question. That was all you heard him say in regard to it?

Answer. That is all.

Question. You have no personal knowledge in regard to the matter beyond that?

Answer. Nothing more.