War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0570 OPERATIONS IN N. VA.,W. VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

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Question. Any others?

Answer. Not that I am aware of. I think all the balance of the men who were there behaved gallantly; I know they did. I am sorry I cannot say the same about the One hundred and twenty-sixth New York.

Question. The One hundred and twenty-sixth New York was a [new] regiment?

Answer. Yes, sir; they had just arrived there, perfectly new. They stood a little skirmishing at first; then the fire became and not they broke, with the exception of the companies. I do not know as I could give the letters of those companies; there were about two companies that did well-remained in their position-but the balance of the regiment broke. I stopped them, talked to them, encouraged them, and got them back; and for a while they did well as a general thing.

Question. How many regiments altogether were there engaged in this affair?

Answer. The Thirty-second Ohio, two companies of the Thirty-ninth New York on that part of the mountain, I think; they were not engaged in the fight; they were stationed on the western brow and formed that line of pickets. Then there were the One hundred and twenty-sixth New York, and Colonel Downey, of the Third Maryland. I do not know how many men there were with him; I could not say.

Question. Those were the only regiments that were there?

Answer. All that I am aware of.

Question. Who took charge of the disposition of the troops there?

Answer. Colonel Sherrill and myself.

Question. Where was the balance of Colonel Ford's brigade?

Answer. I could not say. Major Steiner was in command of a few companies of the First Maryland. My impression is that they were up on the west side of the mountain, in the direction of Solomon's Gap; they were not on the summit. I did not see them that day at all.

Question. When the troops were falling back, did you see anything of Colonel Miles on the Maryland Heights?

Answer. I did not.

By Colonel FORD:

Question. You speak of a lookout, and of a slight fortification. How far north of that slight fortification was it that the fight first commenced on Friday?

Answer. Probably a quarter of a mile.

Question. A quarter of a mile from the fortification?

Answer. Yes, sir; perhaps not quite so far. It was immediately in sight of it.

Question. How far was the fortification north of the lookout?

Answer. Probably 300 yards.

Question. At what time were you driven back from your first position to this slight fortification?

Answer. I think it must have been about 9 o'clock in the morning.

Question. At what hour did you abandon the lookout?

Answer. That was probably 2 o'clock in the afternoon; 2 or later.

Question. At what time was Colonel Sherrill wounded?

Answer. I think about 10 o'clock.

Question. At what time did you yourself give the order for the troops to fall back, and what was your reason for giving that order?

Answer. That occurred after Colonel Sherrill was wounded. I think it must have