War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0202 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXI.

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Lieutenant John Lantry, 8th Infantry.

Lieutenant Horace H. Bill, 8th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Augustus H. Coleman, 11th Infantry.

Lieutenant Charles Duffield, 30th Infantry.

Lieutenant Reese R. Furbay, 30th Infantry.

Lieutenant Stephen B. Wilson, 30th Infantry.

Colonel Melvin Clarke, 36th Infantry.


Colonel James H. Childs, 4th Cavalry.

Lieutenant Augustus T. Cross, 2nd Reserves.

Lieutenant Max Weimpfheimer, 2nd Reserves.

Captain Florentine H. Straub, 3rd Reserves.

Lieutenant Hardman P. Petrikin, 5th Reserves.

Captain James M. Colwell, 7th Reserves.

Lieutenant Daniel L. Saunders, 7th Reserves.

Lieutenant John Langbien, 9th Reserves.

Colonel Hugh W. McNeil, 13th Reserves.

Lieutenant William Allison, 13th Reserves.

Captain Peter F. Laws, 28th Infantry.

Lieutenant Joseph L. Markley, 28th Infantry.

Captain George A. Brooks, 46th Infantry.

Lieutenant William Cullen, 48th Infantry.

Captain James B. Ingham, 50th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S. Bell, 51st Infantry.

Lieutenant J. Gilbert Beaver, 51st Infantry.

Lieutenant Davis Hunsicker, 51st Infantry.

Lieutenant John D. Weaver, 53rd Infantry.

Captain Francis V. Bierworth, 69th Infantry.

Lieutenant Joseph McHugh, 69th Infantry.

Lieutenant John Convery, 71st Infantry.

Captain Peter H. Willitts, 72nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Adolphus W. Peabody, 72nd Infantry.

Lieutenant William H. Van Dike, 81st Infantry.

Lieutenant William Bryan, 106th Infantry.

Captain Arthur Corrigan, 111th Infantry.

Lieutenant Robert M. Johnston, 125th Infantry.

Colonel Samuel Crosasdale, 128th Infantry.

Captain William H. Andrews, 128th Infantry.

Lieutenant William A. Givler, 130th Infantry.

Colonel Richard A. Oakford, 132nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Anson C. Granmer, 132nd Infantry.


Lieutenant William L. Baker, Battery E, 4th Artillery.

Surg. William J. H. White.


Major General Joseph K. F. Mansfield.

Lieutenant Lewis C. Parmelee, 2nd Sharpshooters.

Lieutenant John I. Whitman, 2nd Sharpshooters.

Lieutenant John W. Thompson, 2nd Sharpshooters.


Captain Daniel C. M. Shell, 7th Infantry.

Lieutenant James Schwarz, 7th Infantry.

Lieutenant Benjamin L. Shriver, 7th Infantry.


Lieutenant Alexander N. Reed, 3rd infantry.

Captain Edwin A. Brown, 6th Infantry.

Captain Werner von Bachelle, 6th Infantry.

Lieutenant William J. Bode, 6th Infantry.



Lieutenant Edwin G. Main, 8th Infantry.

Lieutenant George H. D. Crosby, 14th Infantry.

Captain Frederick M. Barber, 16th Infantry.


Lieutenant Edward Ballenger, 14th Infantry.

Captain Peter Kop, 27th Infantry.

Lieutenant Robert B. Gilmore, 27th Infantry.