War of the Rebellion: Serial 027 Page 0179 Chapter XXXI. THE MARYLAND CAMPAIGN.

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6th New York Cavalry (eight companies), Colonel Thomas C. Devin.

Ohio Cavalry, Third Independent Company, Lieutenant Jonas Seamen.

3rd U. S. Artillery, Batteries L and M, Captain John Edwards, jr.


(1.) Major General JOSEPH K. F. MANSFIELD.+

(2.) Brigadier General ALPHEUS S. WILLIAMS.


1st Michigan Cavalry, Company L, Captain Melvin Brewer.


(1.) Brigadier General ALPHEUS S. WILLIAMS.

(2.) Brigadier General SAMUEL W. CRAWFORD.#

(3.) Brigadier General GEORGE H. GORDON.

First Brigade.

(1.) Brigadier General SAMUEL W. CRAWFORD.

(2.) Colonel JOSEPH F. KNIPE.

5th Connecticut, ~ Captain Henry W. Daboll.

10th Maine, Colonel George L. Beal.

28th New York, Captain William H. H. Mapes.

46th Pennsylvania:

Colonel Joseph F. Knipe.

Lieutenant Colonel James L. Selfridge.

124th Pennsylvania:

Colonel Joseph W. Hawley.

Major Isaac L. Haldeman.

125th Pennsylvania, Colonel Jacob Higgins.

128th Pennsylvania:

Colonel Samuel Croasdale.

Lieutenant Colonel William W. Hammersly.

Major Joel B. Wanner.

Third Brigade.

(1.) Brigadier General GEORGE H. GORDON.

(2.) Colonel THOMAS H. RUGER.

27th Indiana, Colonel Silas Colgrove.

2nd Massachusetts, Colonel George L. Andrews.

13th New Jersey, Colonel Ezra A. Carman.

107th New York, Colonel R. B. Van Valkenburgh.

Zouaves d'Afrique, Pennsylvania.

3rd Wisconsin, Colonel Thomas H. Ruger.


Brigadier General GEORGE S. GREENE.

First Brigade.

(1.) Lieutenant Colonel HECTOR TYNDALE.

(2.) Major ORRIN J. CRANE.

5th Ohio, Major John Collins.

7th Ohio:

Major Orrin J. Crane.

Captain Frederick A. Seymour.

29th Ohio,** Lieutenant Theron S. Winship.

66th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Powell.

28th Pennsylvania, Major Ario Pardee, jr.

Second Brigade.


3rd Maryland, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph M. Sudsburg.

102nd New York, Lieutenant Colonel James C. Lane.

109th Pennsylvania, ++ Captain George E. Seymour.

111th Pennsylvania, Major Thomas M. Walker.

* Designation changed from Second Corps, Army of Virginia, to Twelfth Army Corps, by General Orders, Numbers 129, Adjutant-General's Office, September 12, 1862.

+ Mortally wounded September 17.

# Wounded September 17.

^ Detached at Frederick, Md., since September 15.

No officers present; enlisted men of company attached to Second Massachusetts.

Wounded September 17. **Detached September 9. ++Detached September 13.