War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 1038 NORTH CAROLINA AND S. E. VIRGINIA. Chapter XXX.

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HEADQUARTERS, No.-. Suffolk, Va., May 2, 1863.

This command will move back to the right bank of the Blackwater immediately after dark to-morrow night: Major-General French's command by the South Quay road, Mayor-General Pickett's by the Somerton road, and Major-General Hood's by the Blackwater road, the last crossing the Blackwater at Franklin. These commanders will make all arrangements that may be necessary to facilitate the movement and will be careful to give instructions to every portion of their commands. The rear guards will be composed of at least two good regiments and a battery of artillery. General Armistead's brigade will be withdrawn from the White Marsh road at sunset, leaving his line of pickets, which will be withdrawn at dark and then move on to rejoin the brigade. The picket lines in front of General Pickett's main position, General French's and General Hood's will be withdrawn at 11 o'clock at night as quietly as possible, and will march rapidly until they rejoin their movements cannot be heard after dark, and will there await the orders of their division commanders. General French will halt his command at the intersection of the Somerton and South Quay roads, and General Pickett will leave a brigade and battery near Holy Neck Church to guard any of our trains that may not be able to cross the river before the troops teach there. Major-General Hood will come on and cross the river with his entire command, when he will have the pontoon bridge removed and the other bridges so nearly destroyed as only to allow persons on foot to pass. A party of selected axmen will be left with each rear guard with orders to fell such large trees in the steams and swamps as may assist in delaying pursuit on the part of the enemy. Should the enemy's cavalry attempt to annoy our rear, every effort will be made to destroy it by ambuscade or otherwise, but too much time must not be lost in endeavoring to do so. Discreet officers will be selected to relieve and conduct the picket lines. Captain Barham's cavalry will report to General French at sunset to-morrow. General Pickett will give orders to the cavalry now temporarily serving with him, and General Hood to Captain Graham's cavalry. All vehicles not absolutely necessary with the troops will be sent back as early tomorrow as possible.

By command of Lieutenant-General Longstreet:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


DIVISION HEADQUARTERS, Numbers 4. Near Suffolk, VA., May 2, 1863.

I. This division will be in readiness to move toward Franklin to-morrow night, immediately after dark, on the South Quay road.

II. All teams and vehicles not absolutely necessary will be sent forward to-morrow and will cross the Blackwater and go into camp about 3 miles from Franklin, all stopping near Colonel Baker's cavalry camp.

III. General J. R. Davis' brigade will move in advance (left in front), to be followed by General M. Jenkins' brigade.

IV. General Jenkins will detailed two regiments of his brigade as a rear guard, and with these regiments Captain George Ward's battery of artillery will march, forming a portion of the guard. A suitable number of ambulances will go with the rear guard, Should the enemy pursue, especially with his cavalry, strenuous efforts will be made to