War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0860 NORTH CAROLINA AND S. E. VIRGINIA. Chapter XXX.

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weeks after the charges preferred against him by the colonel had been forwarded. If I had known that General Evans had preferred charges against the colonel those of the colonel against him would not have been entertained until at least after the colonel had been tried, which trial I would have ordered at once. If nothing else can be done in the case I would suggest that the papers in the case returned to me in order that I amy do something with them.

The enemy have put on double guards around New Berne and Beaufort, and our usual channels of communication with the interior of their lines have ben cut off or delayed for ten days; but we continue to get information that their force and fleet are both large; that all preparations have been made for a movement, and that there is much dissatisfaction in their army.

I remain, very respectfully and truly, yours,




Read and returned. The heavy guns asked for should be furnished as soon as practicable.

J. D.

The guns have been ordered as soon as those before directed for Vicksburg and Atchafalaya shall have been furnished.

J. A. S.,


[JANUARY 26, 1863.]


Whereas it has been made known to me that a large number of soldiers from our armies are absent from their colors without proper leave in this hour of our greatest need, and it is being confidently believed that a large majority of such were impelled to his by a natural and almost irresistible desire to see their friends and homes once more, after so long an absence, and not because of a cowardly determination to leave their brave comrades to share all the dangers and hardships of the field alone; and whereas Major General G. W. Smith, in command of the Department of North Carolina, by consent of the Secretary of War, has published an order declaring that all who may voluntarily return to duty by the 10th day of February next shall be received into their several commands with no other punishment than a forfeiture of their pay for the time they have been absent without leave; and declaring further that all who do not so return by the said 10th day of February shall, when apprehended, be tried for desertion and upon conviction be made to suffer death:

Now, therefore, I, Zebulon B. Vance, Governor of the State of North Carolina, do issue this my proclamation to all soldiers from the State serving in the army of the Confederacy who are now illegally absent from their colors, commanding them to return to duty with their comrades, and exhorting them to avail themselves of this opportunity of saving their friends from the disgrace and infamy which will cling forever to the name of a deserter from his country's cause and themselves from a felon's death. Many, after carrying their country's flag in triumph through various bloody conflicts and making for themselves a