War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0759 Chapter XXX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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The selection of a better position for defending the river is desirable, especially if one can be found below. Much must be left to your judgment and experience in making the change, but when you have chosen a new site you will as soon as possible furnish this office with a full description and sketch of the ground and the approaches. If you need the service of Major Thompson as an assistant you can retain him. His local knowledge will give him advantages that will no doubt make his services the more valuable. I presume Lieuts. [W. G.] Bender and Randolph, Provisional Engineers, have reported to you by this time as assistants. You have the authority to employ against to collect the necessary negro force to construct the work committed to your charge, and foremen or oversees to direct their labors to the best advantages. With the services of Major Thompson and Lieutenants Bender and Randolph as assistants it is hoped that you will not find it necessary to employ persons in the capacity of superintendents. It does not appear from the records of the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office that Major Thompson holds the appointment of major in the Provisional Army of the Confederacy. Is he an officer in one of the North Carolina regiments now in the Confederate service? I fear that there will be much difficulty in procuring a sufficient number of chains and anchors for securing heavy rafts, such or in place of piling. You will please to make every effort to procure such materials as will be needed for the works you may decide upon. You will purchase all the shovels and spades you can and on the best terms they can be procured; also such other tools as may be necessary. If you fail to get as many as you may need the Bureau may be able to aid you to a limited extent.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel and Chief of Bureau.

Abstract from Field Return of troops commanded by Major General G. W. Smith, October 20, 1862 (headquarters, Richmond, Va.).

Present for duty.

Commands. Officers. Men. Aggregate Aggregat

present. e




Department of 650 11,537 14,805 17,767

North Carolina.

Chaffin's Bluff:

Brigadier-General 116 1,699 2,266 2,887

Wise's brigade.

Colonel T. J. 23 265 413 481


Drewry's Bluff, 198 3,359 4,475 5,437


Daniel's brigade.

Picketing 11 147 223 261


Holcombe Legion


Richmond defenses. 87 1,679 2,128 2,845

On Brook Run:

42nd Regiment 27 340 490 565



54th North 29 540 726 873

Carolina Troops.

57th North 25 562 737 971

Carolina Troops.

On Rappahannock:

61st Virginia 28 404 500 571


59th Georgia ... ... ... ...


13th Virginia ... ... .. ...


2nd North Carolina ... ... ... ...


Fredericksburg, .. ... ... ....

15th Virginia


Drewry's Bluff, ... ... ... ...

Captain S. S.

Lee, C. S. Navy.*.

Department of ... ... ... ...


Grand total. 1,194 20,532 26,763 32,658


*No report received.