War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0577 Chapter XXX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Organization of troops in the Eighteenth Army Corps, Department of North Carolina, commanded by Major General J. G. Foster, for March, 1863.*


Brigadier General INNIS N. PALMER, commanding.

First Brigade.

Colonel T. J. C. AMORY commanding.

17th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel J. F. Fellows.

43rd Massachusetts, Colonel Charles L. Holbrook.

45th Massachusetts, Colonel Charles R. Codman.

51st Massachusetts, Colonel A. B. R. Sprague.

Second Brigade.

Colonel H. C. LEE commanding.

5th Massachusetts, Colonel George H. Peirson.

25th Massachusetts, Colonel Josiah Pickett.

27th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel Luke Lyman.

46th Massachusetts, Colonel W. S. Shurtleff.


Brigadier General CHARLES A. HECKMAN commanding.

First Brigade.

Colonel JACOB J. DE FOREST commanding.

23rd Massachusetts, Lieutenant-Colonel Elwell.

9th New Jersey, Colonel Abram Zabriskie.

81st New York, Lieutenant Colonel William, C. Raulston.

98th New York, Lieutenant Colonel F. F. Wead.

Second Brigade.

Colonel W. W. H. DAVIS commanding.

11th Maine, Colonel H. M. Plaisted.

52nd Pennsylvania, Colonel John C. Dodge, jr.

104th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel T. D. Hart.

Independent New York Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Felix Comfort.


Brigadier General ORRIS S. FERRY commanding.

First Brigade.#

Colonel J. B. HOWELL commanding.

56th New York, Lieutenant Colonel J. J. Wheeler.

58th Pennsylvania, Colonel J. R. Jones.

85th Pennsylvania, Major Edw. Campbell.

174th Pennsylvania, Colonel John Nyce.

Second Brigade.#

Colonel FRANCIS A. OSBORN commanding.

39th Illinois, Colonel T. O. Osborn.

62nd Ohio, Colonel F. B. Pond.

67th Ohio, Colonel A. C. Voris.

176th Pennsylvania, Colonel A. A. Lechler.


Colonel T. F. LEHMANN commanding.

First Brigade.

Colonel J. S. BELKNAP commanding.

85th New York, Major R. V. King.

92nd New York, Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Anderson.

96th New York, Major Charles H. Burhans.

101st Pennsylvania, Colonel David B. Morris.

103rd Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel W. C. Maxwell.

Detachment Second Brigade.

Colonel FRANCIS L. LEE commanding.

10th Connecticut (detachment), Lieutenant W. W. Webb.

24th Massachusetts (detachment), Lieutenant T. F. Edmands.

44th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel E. C. Cabot.

5th Rhode Island, Colonel H. T. Sisson.


*Compiled from division and brigade returns.


+Detailed in Department of the South.

#It appears from brigade return that these two brigades were consolidated into one by General Hunter's order of March 26, 1863. All these regiments except the Fifty-eighth Pennsylvania detailed in Department of the South.