War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0573 Chapter XXX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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the forty-eight counties of Virginia designated as West Virginia, and except also the ports of New Orleans, Key West, Port Royal and Beaufort in North Carolina) are in a state of insurrection against the United States, and that all commercial intercourse, not licensed and conducted as provided in said act, between the said States and the inhabitants thereof, with the exceptions aforesaid, and the citizens of other States and other parts of the United States, is unlawful and will remain unlawful until such insurrection shall cease or has been suppressed, and notice thereof has been duly given by proclamation; and all cotton, tobacco, and other products, and all other goods and chattels, wares and merchandise coming from any of said States, with the exceptions aforesaid, into other parts of the United States, or proceeding to any of said States, with the exceptions aforesaid, without the license and permission of the President, through the Secretary of the Treasury, will, together with the vessel or vehicle conveying the same, be forfeited to the United States.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the city of Washington this 31st day of March, A. D. 1863, and of the Independence of the United States of America the eighty-seventh.

By the President:



Secretary of State.

SUFFOLK, VA., March 31, 1863.

Major-General DIX:

Yesterday the enemy came over to the vicinity of Carrsville with one or two regiments of infantry for the purpose of ambuscading our patrolling parties. They were secreted in woods on both roads, about 2 miles this side the place. Major Cornog, with some 160 men, was on his way to Carrsville to return by the Deserted House. His advance of 20 men, under a lieutenant, passed the center of the lines, when the enemy showed themselves; singular to say, all escaped save one.

Our cavalry pickets expected an attack last night, but all passed in quiet.




Yorktown, March 31, 1863.

Colonel LEWIS, Commanding at Williamsburg:

Let me hear at once all you know of the enemy's present force and position.

In case of an attack in force send down the public property. Hold Fort Magruder and shell the town the moment an armed enemy is known to be within it.

Let me hear from your frequently so long as the enemy remains in your neighborhood.