War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0570 NORTH CAROLINA AND S. E. VIRGINIA. Chapter XXX.

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Washington, March 27, 1863.

Major-General DIX, Fort Monroe, Va.:

General Viele was ordered south, by direction of the Secretary of War, under impression that General King was sufficient at Norfolk. General Hunter is much in want of generals. If you deem General Viele's services so necessary at present you can suspend the execution of the order.



FORT MONROE, VA., March 27, 1863.

Colonel J. C. KELTON,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

The regiments and batteries of the Ninth Corps remaining under my command are as follows, and compose the Third Division of that corps, now at Suffolk, commanded by General Getty: First Brigade, consisting of Ninth New York, Eighty-ninth New York, One hundred and third New York, and Tenth New Hampshire; Second Brigade, consisting of Eighth, Eleventh, Fifteenth, and Sixteenth Connecticut; and Third Brigade, consisting of Twenty-first Connecticut, Thirteenth New Hampshire, Twenty-fifth New Jersey, and Fourth Rhode Island. Artillery consists of Battery A, Fifth United States, and A, First Pennsylvania.




Fort Monroe, Va., March 28, 1863.

Captain C. B. WILDER,

Assistant Quartermaster, Superintendent of Contrabands:

Captain Wilder is authorized to take possession of the farm of Jefferson Sinclair, an absentee disloyalist, and the buildings thereon. If the present occupant, Mr. William H. Lynch, will take the oath of allegiance and agree to pay quarterly in advance such rent as Captain Wilder may deem fair for twenty acres of the land and such portion of the dwelling as he needs, Mr. Wilder may allow him to do so; the same also of the Fayette Sinclair farm and its occupant, Mr. Charles L. Collier; the same of Messrs. Hicks and Bowen, on the Booker Jones farm; the same of the farms of Benjamin Hudgins, Eliza Jones, John and Helen Moore, Levin Winder, John Winder, William Smith, Robert Hudgins; the George Booker farm-not, however, disturbing the Howard family; the Lowry farm, the Watts farm, the farm of B. Howard, called the Stakes farm occupied by Mr. Host, and the Armstead farm, occupied by Hicks. The colored persons on these farms, if any, must come under Mr. Wilder's system of labor. The white tenants who will take he oath of allegiance and engage to pay rent as aforesaid are not to be expelled, but only to be limited to such portions of land and shelter as they require for their comfortable support, and are to be notified that any act of disorder or outrage will be visited with immediate removal as well as with legal penalties.

Captain Wilder will report to the provost-judge his proceedings