War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0526 NORTH CAROLINA AND S. E. VIRGINIA. Chapter XXX.

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the premises of a Mrs. Page, of that town, and carried away several negroes and a parcel of bedding and other furniture; that they were very insolent in their conduct and threatened to have the town shelled if they were interfered with.

My correspondent says that they came, as he heard, from on board the Ocean Wave.

A negro man, formerly living on the plantation of the venerable James C. Johnston, named Matthews was the person commanding the party. This negro is one of desperate character.

The citizens of Edenton beg your protection from outrages if this kind. They desire to know whether it can be afforded them, or must they take redress into their own hands?

I have written and informed my correspondent, a gentleman of the highest character, that I would call your this case and have no doubt you will, as heretofore, take effectual steps to protect peaceable citizens and punish such outrages.

I have the honor to be, &c.,


Military Governor.


W. W. Tittle, captain Ocean Wave; landed at Edenton on or about the 6th, with written orders from Captain Slaght to do so (order appended). Arrived there about 8 o'clock; gave the steward permission to go ashore for his wife and children; allowed others to go with him; can't say positively who sent ashore; believe Lieutenant Biggs' servant and Matthew, a deck-hand, went with him; do know who besides. They were gone about three-quarters of an hour, so the pilot says. I didn't notice what they brought back, but believed they brought a couple of beds and the wife and three children of the steward. Could not have brought much of anything more on account of the size of the boat. Steward reported that they threatened to shoot him ashore.

Alexander Collins, steward of the Ocean Wave, on the above mentioned expedition; now lives in the house of Major Folson, paymaster, with his wife and three children; took these from Edenton; also a feather bed and straw mattress, one skillet, and such wearing apparel as could be collected; four plates, three cups, and four saucers, one large dish, all belonging to his wife. Four of us went ashore, myself, Matthew (deck-hand on the Ocean Wave), a soldier, and another colored man whose name I do no know. Went ashore just after sunrise. Went to Mrs. Page's; found my wife asleep; waked her up; told her I had come for her and her children by Captain Slaght's order; took her aboard. Went ashore a second time and met Mr. Norcom, the mayor of the town, who said if I had gone in his yard he would have shot me. Replied that I had not gone in his yard, but in Mrs. Page's, to get my wife and children, by Captain Slaght's order. He said Slaght had no right to give an order of the kind - that general Foster was the only person who could give such an order. We were afraid to land again, and left behind our bedsteads, potware, wash-tubs, &x. Made nor threats of any king, and heard none made by any one. What I brought to town is in Major Folsom's kitchen.

Matthew (colored); deck-hand on the Ocean Wave since August 11; formerly belonged to Mr. Johnston; went ashore with the steward and