War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0516 NORTH CAROLINA AND S. E. VIRGINIA. Chapter XXX.

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New Berne, January 14, 1863.

I. The following rules and regulations for the embarkation of the troops under marching orders will be observed, and commanding officer of divisions, brigades, and regiments will see that the same are strictly adhered to.

The order of embarkation will se as follows: First, General Naglee's division; second, General Wessells' division; third, General Ferry's division.

The vessel will be ordered to the wharf, and immediately on her arrival the troops, baggage, and camp equipage destined for her will be placed on board with as little delay as possible, when the vessel will immediately leave the dock and anchor in the harbor. The baggage and camp equipage of the regiments will be placed on board the same vessel with the troops. The baggage for the men will consist only if their tents (shelter tents, if possible, knapsacks, and cooking utensils (camp kettles); that of the officers of only one trunk, valise, or carpetbag and mess kit; no heavy mess chests will be allowed. The men will be provided with three days' cooked rations, in haversacks, and 40 rounds of ammunition, in cartridge-boxes, before leaving New Berne; 40 rounds of additional ammunition for each man, in boxes, will also be placed on the vessel.

After embarkation the inclosed extracts from the Army Regulations will be strictly enforced, and in addition a guard must be placed over the fresh water, so that it may only be used for cooking (by order of the proper authority) and for drinking. Officers and men must alike use salt water for washing purposes. Signal officers will be sent to each division and brigade headquarters. The flag designating the headquarters of the commanding general will be a white castle on a blue ground.

The Union-jack at foremast, with the corps flag underneath (or division or brigade flag underneath, in case of division or brigade signals), shall be the signal for weighing anchor and starting in the following order: General Naglee's division, General Wessells' division, General Ferry's division.

Steamers will tow such sailing vessels as may be designated by the quartermaster. The signal for anchoring will be the American flag at the fore; if in a fog, two whistles from the flag-ship, repeated at intervals of one minute each. This signal will be repeated by the flag-ships of each division and brigade. At this signal the vessels will near each other and anchor in line.

In case stranding or any other case of distress the signal will be the American flag, Union down; at this signal the light-draught boats and tugs will be at once sent to the aid of the vessels in distress.

As far as practicable the vessels will keep together, but if separated will obey their sealed orders.

* * * * * * *

By command of Major General J. G. Foster:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

SUFFOLK, January 15, 1863.

Major-General DIX:

Nearly every person at the North, including officers, except at Army headquarters, rates us at from twice to thrice our present numbers, and