War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0500 NORTH CAROLINA AND S. E. VIRGINIA. Chapter XXX.

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Abstract from Monthly Return of the Department of North Carolina, Major General John G. Foster commanding, for the month of December, 1862 (headquarters New Berne, N. C.).

Present for duty.

Command. Offic Men. Aggreg Aggrega Aggregate

ers. ate te present

presen present and

t. and absent

absent. last



Eighteenth Army ..... ..... ..... 15 ......

Corps (Major

General J. G.


First Division 201 3,996 5,962 7,087 3,226

(Brigadier General

H. W. Wessells)...

Naglee's brigade... 195 3,700 4,380 5,802 .....

Heckman 96 2,236 2,847 3,759 3,860

's brigade...

Amory's brigade... 120 2,850 3,510 3,683 3,851

Lee's brigade... 108 2,802 3,526 3,879 3,908

Artillery... 58 1,400 1,732 2,230 2,175

Cavalry (Mix's)... 43 658 860 930 939

Total... 821 17,642 21,917 27,385 17,959

Organization of troops in the Department of North Carolina (Eighteen Army Corps), Major General J. G. Foster, U. S. Army, commanding, December 31, 1862.*


Brigadier General HENRY W. WESSELLS,

First Brigade.

Brigadier General LEWIS C. HUNT.

85th New York, Lieutenant Colonel A. J. Wellman.

92nd New York, Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Anderson, jr.

96th New York, Captain George W. Hinds.

85th Pennsylvania, Colonel J. B. Howell.

101st Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel D. M. Armor.

103rd Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel W. C. Maxwell.

Second Brigade.


10th Connecticut, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Leggett.

24th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel F. A. Osborn.

44th Massachusetts, Colonel F. L. Lee.

5th Rhode Island, Major George W. Tew.


Amory's Brigade.

Colonel T. J. C. AMORY.

17th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel J. F. Fellows.

43rd Massachusetts, Colonel C. L. Holbrook.

45th Massachusetts, Colonel C. R. Codman.

51st Massachusetts, Colonel A. B. R. Sprague.

Lee's Brigade.

Colonel H. C. LEE.

5th Massachusetts, Colonel George H. Peirson.

25th Massachusetts, Major Josiah Pickett.

27th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel Luke Lyman.

46th Massachusetts, Colonel George Bowler.


* The division and unattached brigades were organized and the commanders assigned by General Orders, Numbers 84, Headquarters Eighteenth Army Corps, December 28, 1862. The regimental commanders in First Division are given as stated in that order.