War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0468 NORTH CAROLINA AND S. E. VIRGINIA. Chapter XXX.

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Troops in the Department of Virginia, Major General John A. Dix, commanding, November 30, 1862.

Fort Monroe.


3rd. New York.

Camp Hamilton.


139th New York.

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company C.

Batt'n Pennsylvania Heavy Arty., Co. C.

2nd and 4th Wisconsin Batteries.

Norfolk and vicinity.

Brigadier General EGBERT L. VIELE.

99th New York.

148th New York.

158th New York.

19th Wisconsin.

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company M.

7th New York Battery.

Suffolk and vicinity.

Major General JOHN J. PECK.

Ferry's brigade, Fourth Corps.

Wessells' brigade, Fourth Corps.

Foster's brigade, Seventh Corps.

Spinola's brigade, Seventh Corps.

1st New York Mounted Rifles.

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

7th Massachusetts Battery.

4th U. S. Artillery, Batteries D and L.

99th New York, Company I (detachment).

Yorktown and vicinity.

Major General ERASMUS D. KEYES.

Naglee's brigade, Fourth Corps.*

Reserve Artillery, Fourth Corps.

6th New York Cavalry (battalion).

5th Pennsylvania Cavalry.

1st New York Artillery, Batteries F and H.

Abstract from Return of the Department of North Carolina, Major General John. G. Foster commanding, for November 30, 1862.

Present for duty.

Command. Officers. Men. Aggregate Aggregate

present. present



First Brigade 137 3,456 4,417 4,782

(Colonel T. J. C.


Second Brigade 113 3,083 3,802 4,181

(Colonel T. G.


Third Brigade 148 3,408 4,141 4,886

(Colonel Horace

C. Lee)..

Unassigned... 101 2,426 3,209 4,110

Total.. 499 12,373 15,569 17,959

Organization of troops in the Department of North Carolina, Major General John G. Foster, U. S. Army, commanding, November 30, 1862.

First Brigade.

Colonel T. J. C. AMORY.

17th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel J. F. Fellows.

23rd Massachusetts, Major J. G. Chambers.

43rd Massachusetts, Colonel Charles L. Holbrook.

45th Massachusetts, Colonel Charles R. Codman.

51st Massachusetts, Colonel A. B. R. Sprague.

Second Brigade.

Colonel T. G. STEVENSON.

10th Connecticut, Major Robert Leggett.

8th Massachusetts Militia, Colonel F. J. Coffin.

24th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel F. A. Osborn.

44th Massachusetts Militia, Colonel F. L. Lee.

5th Rhode Island, Major George W. Tew.


* Composition of brigades not indicated on original return.