War of the Rebellion: Serial 026 Page 0133 Chapter XXX. ENGAGEMENT AT DESERTED HOUSE.

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two sections of Davis' battery, supported by the One hundred and thirtieth New York Regiment, were pushed forward to an open space in front of the enemy by the light of the camp-fires. At 3.40 a.m. Follett opened his fire and was immediately replied to by all the Confederate artillery. Davis' battery joined in and the cannonade was continued without cessation until 6 a.m. General Corcoran ordered the infantry to advance at 5.15 a.m., but the order was not promptly executed,although given more than once. He says the One hundred and sixty-seventh Pennsylvania became a confused mass, mixed up with other regiments, and filled up the entire road, leaving it impassable and creating a temporary contusion among some other regiments in the rear. At the request of the lieutenant-colonel it was sent to the rear to restore confidence and reform.

About 6 a.m. one section of artillery was placed in the road, with the Thirteenth Indiana on the right and the One hundred and thirtieth New York on the left, supported by the Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, and the whole, under Colonel Spear, advanced upon the enemy. Other regiments were formed in successive lines, supporting the movement. Upon the approach of this determined mass the enemy faltered and commenced his retreat. He was pursued vigorously until the troops reached a thick wood and marsh. The One hundred and thirtieth New York and cavalry, were sent forward to reconnoiter, and found the enemy well posted at the distance of 2 miles. A section of Davis' battery and the Sixty-ninth New York took position on the road and opened upon the enemy.

As it was now 10.15 a.m. a halt was ordered to give the men break-fast, while awaiting fresh supplies of ammunition and re-enforcements called for after the opening of the engagement.

Soon after 11 o'clock Colonel Foster joined, with the One hundred and twelfth New York and three pieces of the Second Wisconsin Battery, and the ammunition, and was placed in command of the infantry. At 12 o'clock the plan of flanking by the Franklin road was given up and an attack in front ordered. The One hundred and twelfth New York, a section of Wisconsin guns, and two companies of cavalry were detailed to hold the Deserted House, and the command moved on again.

The enemy had commenced his retreat, but all possible haste was made to overtake his fleeing battalions. At Pecosin Creek a sharp skirmish occurred between the Thirteenth Indiana and the rear guard. The cavalry followed 2 miles beyond Carrsville, when pursuit was discontinued. It being evident that no further stand would be made a return to Deserted House was ordered.

At Carrsville Major Wheelan reported with six companies of Dodge's Rifles and one howitzer and was assigned to duty. Later in the day a section of the Second Wisconsin guns also joined. The whole command reached the Deserted House about 6 p.m. and Suffolk after midnight, having made a march of 32 miles in twenty-four hours and beaten the enemy soundly.

Our loss was as follows.*

Killed. Wounded. Missing.

Officers 2 9 ---

Private 23 93 9

Total 25 102 9


*But see revised statement p.135.