War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0916 Chapter XXIX. WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS.

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Wharton's (John A.) Escort. See Baxter Smith's Cavalry.

Wheeler's (J. T.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

White's (B. F.) Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

White's (H. B.) Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 10th Battery.

White's (J. F.) Cavalry. See Mississippi Troops, 4th Regiment.

Whitfield's (J. W.) Legion. See Texas Troops, 27th Regiment Cavalry.

Wilbourn's (C. C.) Cavalry. See Hughes' Cavalry.

Wilcox's (John S.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 52nd Regiment.

Wilder's (W. C.) Cavalry. See Kane County Cavalry.

Willcox (Lyman G.) Cavalry. See Michigan Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Williams' (George A.) Infantry. See Union Troops, 1st Regiment.

Williams' (George A.*) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 47th Regiment.

Williams' (George C.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 16th Regiment.

Williams' (Nelson G.) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Williams' (W. S.) Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 3rd Battery.

Williamson's (James A.) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 4th Regiment.

Willis' (Leonidas) Cavalry. See T. N. Waul's Legion.

Wilson's (M. R.) Infantry. See Bart. Jones' Infantry.

Wintter's (D.) Engineers. See Confederate Troops, Regulars.

Withers' (W. T.) Artillery. See Mississippi Troops, 1st Regiment, Light.

Wofford's (Jeff. L.) Artillery. See Mississippi Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery D.

Wolfe's (Edward H.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 52nd Regiment.

Woods' (Charles R.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 76th Regiment.

Woods' (Oliver) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 22nd Regiment.

Woods' (Peter P.) Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery A.

Woodward's (T. G.) Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 1st Regiment.

Worthington's (Thomas) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 46th Regiment.

Wright's (Benjamin T.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 22nd Regiment.

Yates Sharpshooters, Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 64th Regiment.

Yoeman's (S. B.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 54th Regiment.

Young's (W. H.) Infantry. See Texas Troops, 9th Regiment.

Zakrzewski's (Herman) Infantry. Se Missouri Troops, Union, 2nd Regiment U. S. R. C.

Zickerick's (William) Artillery. See Wisconsin Troops, 12th Battery.


*Temporarily commanding.