War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0776 WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS. Chapter XXIX.

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November 10, Atlanta: Five hundred 3-inch rifle shot and shell.

November 11, Richmond: Seventy rounds 20-pounder ammunition.

November 18, Richmond and Lynchburg: One thousand five hundred arms and ammunition.

November 18, Knoxville: One thousand five hundred arms and ammunition.

November 18, Atlanta: Five hundred arms and ammunition.

November 24, Richmond: Three 10-inch columbiads.

Copy of this with names of messengers was sent to General Pemberton about a week since.

HDQRS. SUBSIST. DEPT., 2nd DIST., DEPT. OF MISS., AND E. LA., Vicksburg, Miss., December 2, 1862.

Major R. H. CUNEY,

Commissary of Subsistence, Jackson, Miss.:

SIR: I must again call your attention to the importance of shipping supplies of salt, bacon, flour, coffee, and candles to this place. The last three articles I am aware can only be sent in limited quantities for the use of hospitals and filling of requisitions in special cases, but it is important for me to secure the amount of same necessary for the time fixed in the order of the lieutenant-general commanding the department, viz, five months. The major-general commanding the district has again called upon me in regard to these things, and is urging me to get them here so that they will be on hand whenever the necessity should arise of being independent of outside supplies. He especially urges me to see to the beeves intended for this command, and wishes to know what you intend to do in order to keep up the supplies necessary for our subsistence during the five months, say six mouths, from this time. It will require 8,000 beeves, averaging 400 pounds each, to supply us, and they should be within our own lines, so that in case we are cut off we can be independent. We ought also to get our salt here without delay, and as the time has about arrived when we may expect the commencement of hostilities at this place I need only lay the facts before you to let you see how great is needed, a list of which I send at foot. We will want the following supplies: Eight thousand beeves, 250 casks bacon, 1,200 boxes soap, 1,000 sacks salt, 300 tierces rice, 675 barrels of vinegar, 1,500 barrels of flour, 70 sacks coffee, 100 boxes candles, and such an amount of whisky as will be necessary for men at batteries and where they are exposed on special service to extra duty. Corn, meal, pease, sugar, and molasses I will make every effort to get in sufficient quantities here and from the river above and below here; but the other rations enumerated above I must call on you to supply and urge you to commence shipping at once. Please send orders in regard to the rations of beef and meal, fixing it at 125 pounds per 100 rations per day. Please also send funds. I have had to borrow, and not having them is a drawback in procuring supplies. The $10,000 special, written about previously, is particularly needed. Your agents, contractors, and vendors should report to me in person and not to a non-commissioned agent, so that I may keep advised of the entire business of the district.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major and Commissary of Subsistence.