War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0733 Chapter XXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Organization of the Army of the West, Major General Sterling Price, C. S. Army, commanding, October 20, 1862.*


Brigadier General JOHN S. BOWEN.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General LOUIS HEBERT.

14th Arkansas.

17th Arkansas.

3rd Arkansas Cavalry (dismounted).

Rapley's Arkansas Sharpshooters.

Stirman's Arkansas Sharpshooters.

3rd Louisiana.

1st Missouri Cavalry (dismounted).

3rd Missouri Cavalry (dismounted).

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General MARTIN E. GREEN.

1st Missouri.

2nd Missouri.

3rd Missouri.

4th Missouri.

5th Missouri.

6th Missouri.

Third Brigade.

Colonel J. E. CRAVENS.

16th Arkansas.

18th Arkansas.

19th Arkansas.

20th Arkansas.

21st Arkansas.

Adams' Arkansas battalion.

Hobbs' Arkansas battalion.

Jones' Arkansas battalion.


Brigadier General DABNEY H. MAURY.

27th Alabama.

42nd Alabama.

35th Mississippi.

36th Mississippi.

37th Mississippi.

38th Mississippi.

40th Mississippi.

43rd Mississippi.

7th Mississippi Battalion.

Bailey's regiment.++

Quarles' regiment.++

Simonton's regiment.++

Humes' battalion.++

2nd Texas.

3rd Texas Cavalry.

6th Texas Cavalry.

9th Texas Cavalry.

Whitefield's Texas Legion.

RICHMOND, October 21, 1862.

Major-General VAN DORN, Holly Springs, Miss.:

I did not mean Pemberton would not command, but that you would not be deprived of your division nor Price of his by the order issued here. How did Lovell get your corps? Why will you have no command? I think to remove you now would be injurious to you. To what other field would be transferred? Will write by Captain Schaumburg.



* As announced in General Orders, Number 41, Headquarters Army of the West, October 19, and General Orders, Number 2, Bowen's division, October 20, 1862. Assignments of artillery and cavalry not given in the orders. See also General Orders, Number 4, October 22, p.736.

+ Brigade organization not indicated in original orders. Brigadier-General Moore assigned to the division October 19, 1862.

++ See Special Orders, Number 53, October 16, 1862, p.728, and Price to Kimmel, October 26, 1862, p.737.