War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0681 Chapter XXIX. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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III. No officer or soldier will be permitted to take a trunk into the field; soldiers shall be restricted to a knapsack and officers to a carpetsack or small valise.

IV. Whenever prisoners are captured by our troops the ranking officer of the capturing detachment will immediately forward to these headquarters a descriptive list of the prisoners, giving their names, rank, ages, regiments, and companies.

V. Whenever prisoners are paroled the paroles will be forwarded to these headquarters and a duplicate copy [compared and certified] retained by the officer who may grant the parole. In taking paroles, officers will be careful to have them signed if practicable; but if not signed by the prisoners paroled, a certified list stating their names, rank, ages, regiments, and companies should be attested by an Abolition officer if one be present. In the absence of an Abolition officer the list must be certified by the Confederate officer who grants the parole. These lists must be made in duplicate if practicable, one copy to be retained by the officer taking the parole and the other to be forwarded to these headquarters without delay.

By command of General Bragg:


Chief of Staff.


All authority heretofore granted to raise Partisan Rangers in this district is revoked, and no further authority will be granted. All Partisan Rangers who are now in readiness to be mustered into service will be mustered in at once under the direction of the commanding officers of sub-districts, and at once organized into regiments and battalions.

The sub-district commanders will recommend the field officers for appointment.

By order of Major General Earl Van Dorn:


Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.

RICHMOND, VA., August 18, 1862.

Major-General VAN DORN, Vicksburg, Miss.:

The conscript law requires all conscripts and volunteers to enter companies in service on the 16th of April, and the President has prohibited persons subject to enrollment from joining Partisan Rangers. I have so instructed the enrolling officers of Mississippi, and must request that you will bring to their notice all violations of the law and of the President's order that come to your knowledge, and that you will instruct you subordinate officers to do the same.

The officers charged with the enrollment of conscript receive their orders from the Department, and have been instructed to distribute the conscripts of each State among the regiments of the State in proportion to their deficiencies. If you wish any departure from this rule in reference to the Mississippi regiments under your command it will be allowed


Secretary of War.