War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0633 Chapter XXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Major General W. J. HARDEE commanding.

First Brigade.

Colonel ST. J. R. LIDDELL.

2nd Arkansas.

5th Arkansas.

6th Arkansas.

7th Arkansas.

8th Arkansas.

Pioneer Company.

Roberts' battery.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General P. R. CLEBURNE.

15th Arkansas.

2nd Tennessee.

5th [35th] Tennessee.

24th Tennessee.

48th Tennessee.

Calvert's battery.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General S. A. M. WOOD.

16th Alabama.

32nd Mississippi.

33rd Mississippi.

44th Tennessee.

Baxter's battery.

Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General J. S. MARMADUKE.

3rd Confederate.

25th Tennessee.

29th Tennessee.

37th Tennessee.

Swett's battery.

Fifth Brigade.

Colonel A. T. HAWTHORN.

33rd Alabama.

17th Tennessee.

21st Tennessee.

23rd Tennessee.

Austin's battery.


Brigadier General J. M. WITHERS commanding.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General FRANK GARDNER.

19th Alabama.

22nd Alabama.

25th Alabama.

26th Alabama.

39th Alabama.


Robertson's battery.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General J. R. CHALMERS.

5th Mississippi.

7th Mississippi.

9th Mississippi.

10th Mississippi.

29th Mississippi.

Blythe's Mississippi.

Ketchum's battery.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General J. K. JACKSON.

17th Alabama.

18th Alabama.

21st Alabama.

24th Alabama.

5th Georgia.

Burtwell's battery.

Fourth Brigade.

Colonel A. M. MANIGAULT.

28th Alabama.

34th Alabama.

1st Louisiana, Lieutenant-Colonel Farrar.

10th South Carolina.

19th South Carolina.

Waters' battery.