War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0565 Chapter XXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Numbers 15. Memphis, Tenn., January 15, 1863.

I. Lieutenant Colonel C. A. Reynolds, chief quartermaster of the department, is hereby ordered to stop all steamboats at memphis that may be required to transport troops and stores for the expedition down the Mississippi River, and recharter the same.

II. Brigadier General C. S. Hamilton is hereby assigned to the command of the District of Columbus, Jackson, Corinth, and Memphis, headquarters at Memphis for the present, but subject to be removed to any other part of the command required by the exigencies of the service.

III. It is regarded of primary importance the line east from Memphis to Corinth should be maintained; and, so long as practicable, the line from Grand Junction to Corinth, via Jackson, Tenn.

IV. So soon as all public stores can be removed the road north from Jackson will be abandoned, the troops guarding it returning to their proper commands.

V. All public stores and property at Jackson and Bolivar not required for the immediate use of the troops will be removed to Corinth or Memphis immediately, and the troops within the District of Jackson be held in readiness to be used wherever required.

VI. The divisions of Brigadier-General McArthur, Brigadier-General Logan, and Brigadier-General Quinby are detached from the command of Brigadier-General Hamilton, and all dispositions made for the maintenance of his positions will be made without reference to them.

VII. General Quinby's now guarding a portion of the road, will be the last division to move, and while on such duty will be governed by instruction received General Hamilton.

VIII. The whole command of General Hamilton will be know as the District of West Tennessee.

* * * * *

IX. The chiefs of artillery and of ordnance will immediately procure and ship ordnance stores for 50,000 infantry, 26 batteries of artillery, and 2,000 cavalry, at the rate of 500 rounds per man for the infantry and cavalry and refill caissons for the artillery twice. This supply is required in addition to the amount to be kept on hand by the troops at all times, but embracing all other stores for issue.

* * * * *

XI. The division now commanded, respectively, by Brigadier-Generals Quinby, Logan, and McArthur are designated to re-enforce the expedition operating down the Mississippi River, Major General J. B. McPherson to command the whole.

XII. Brigadier-General McArthur's division will at once embark on transports and proceed down the river to report to Major-General McClernand for orders until the arrival of Major-General McPherson with the remainder of his command.

XIII. Brigadier-General Logan will embark and proceed to the same destination as soon as transports can be supplied, and General Quinby will hold himself in readiness to move at the shortest notice.

XIV. Troops on this expedition will want immediately their own hands all the ammunition required by previous orders. They will move with tree day's cooked rations in haversacks and seven days' additional on hand.

XV. Division commanders will take thirty days' rations for future use.