War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0358 WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS. Chapter XXIX.

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LA GRANGE, TENN., November 23, 1862.

Brigadier General I. F. QUINBY, Moscow, Tenn.:

You can fit out an expedition to go to Somerville.



LA GRANGE, November 23, 1862.


A considerable force of cavalry, from 5,000 to 10,000, crossed the Tennessee River and are now moving west. Look out for them on the railroad.





Numbers 94.

Memphis, November 23, 1862.

I. Brigadier-General Lauman, having reported for duty, is assigned to the command of the Sixth Brigade. The Fifth and Sixth Brigades will constitute the Third Division, under command of Brigadier-General Lauman.

II. The commanders of each of the divisions will detail one regiment from their divisions to remain at Memphis to compose the garrison of Fort Pickering. The regiment from the First Division will occupy the right flank; that of the Second Division to occupy the left flank, and the Third Division the center within the cavalier. Each division commander will also cause all the sick in hospital to be transferred to the general hospital, and the sick in quarters to be organized into one or more companies, under command of invalid officers, to remain at Forst Pickering as a part of its garrison.

III. the post quartermaster will provide a suitable storehouse in which to receive all surplus baggage of all regiments about to march, and commanders of regiments will forthwith reduce their baggage to the minimum prescribed by General Orders, Numbers 3, Headquarters Department of the Tennessee, November 1, 1862, and be prepared to march on Wednesday morning, the 21st instant.

IV. Each regiment will provide itself with five days' rations and ammunition at the rate of 200 cartridges per man. The chief of artillery will assign three field batteries to each division, and the Sixth Illinois Cavalry will attach its train to that of the First Division, and will move under the immediate orders of the commanding general. The quartermaster will at once organize all army wagons not belonging to regiments on the march into three trains, about equal number to accompany the three army divisions. These will be loaded with provisions and be ready to move on Wednesday morning. The train for the First Division will be parked in front of the fort, prepared to move by Jackson street; that for the Second Division on Poplar street, near General Smith's headquarters, and that for the Third Division south of the fort near the camp of the Thirty-second Wisconsin, each being careful to leave the road clear.

V. The chief quartermaster may seize any wagon or carriage or other vehicle suitable for the transportation of stores for the sick, to be added to the train, and forage will be obtained in the same manner as during the march last summer, viz, brigade quartermasters or commissaries