War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0344 WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS. Chapter XXIX.

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rations for the whole division and be ready to move. Stanley's division is ordered to be ready to move forward with Quinby's Second Brigade, but not to move until we get reports from Colonel Lee that Holly Springs and Lumpkin's Mill were evacuated. I don's expect that report from Lee before to-morrow a. m. Colonel Lee will establish couriers every 3 miles and send back word. Wolf River Railroad Bridge is not standing. The country around Holly Springs is used up for forage, and if a command goes there before the bridge over Wolf River is completed it will be difficult to supply it with forage. The movement your ordered will take place, however, as soon as we hear from Colonel Lee that the enemy is across the Tallahatchie.



November 12, 1862.

Major-General GRANT:

No reports from Lee as yet about the Coldwater Bridge. Quinby is at Davis' Mill with one brigade. I should like to have a telegraph station there. Can an operator be sent down?




Memphis, November 12, 1862.

Numbers 93.

The troops now at Memphis and arriving will be arranged into five brigades:

First Brigade, Brigadier General M. L. Smith. - Eighth Missouri, Colonel Giles A. Smith; Sixth Missouri, Colonel Peter E. Bland; One hundred and thirteenth Illinois, Colonel George B. Hoge; Fifty-fourth Ohio, Colonel T. Kilby Smith; One hundred and twentieth Illinois, Colonel G. W. McKeaig.

Second Brigade, Colonel J. Adair McDowell. - Sixth Iowa, Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Corse; Fortieth Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel J. W. Boothe; Forty-sixth Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel C. C. Walcutt; Thirteenth U. S. Infantry, Major D. Chase.

Third Brigade, Brigadier General J. W. Denver. - Forty-eighth Ohio, Colonel P. J. Sullivan; Fifty-third Ohio, Colonel W. S. Jones; Seventieth Ohio, Colonel J. R. Cockerill.

Fourth Brigade, Colonel David Stuart. - Fifty-fifth Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel O. Malmborg; Fifty-seventh Ohio, Colonel W. Mungen; Eighty-third Indiana, Colonel Spooner; One hundred and sixteenth Illinois, Colonel Tupper; One hundred and twenty-seventh Illinois, Lieutenant-Colonel Eldridge.

Fifth Brigade, Colonel R. P. Buckland. - Seventy-second Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel D. W. C. Loudon; Thirty-second Wisconsin, Colonel J. H. Howe; Ninety-third Illinois, Major J. M. Fisher commanding; Ninety-third Indiana, Colonel Thomas commanding.

These brigades will be arranged into two divisions:

First Division, Brigadier-General Denver commanding. - Second, Third, and Fifth Brigades.

General Denver will have his headquarters in Fort Pickering, and will be considered the commander thereof, and will give all necessary orders for its guard, police, & c.