War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0340 WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS. Chapter XXIX.

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Brigadier General JOHN MCARTHUR.

11th Iowa, Colonel William Hall.

13th Iowa, Lieutenant Colonel John Shane.

15th Iowa, Major William T. Cunningham.

16th Iowa, Major William Purcell.

1st Kansas, Lieutenant Colonel Otto M. Tennison.

15th Mich., Lieutenant Colonel John McDermott.

18th Missouri, Captain Jacob R. Ault.

14th Wisconsin, Lieutenant Colonel Lyman M. Ward.

16th Wisconsin, Major Thomas Reynolds.

17th Wisconsin, Colonel Gabriel Bouck.


2nd Illinois, Battery F, Lieutenant Joseph W. Mitchell.

3rd Michigan Battery, Captain Alexander W. Dees.

1st Minnesota Battery, Lieutenant William Z. Clayton.

1st Missouri, Battery M, Lieutenant Junius W. MacMurray.

5th Ohio Battery, Lieutenant Charles J. Marsh.

10th Ohio Battery, Lieutenant Edward Grosskopff.

11th Ohio Battery, Captain Frank C. Sands.

2nd United States, Battery F, Captain A. S. Molinard.

6th Wisconsin Battery, Captain Henry Dillon.

12th Wisconsin Battery, Lieutenant Lorenzo D. Immell.


Colonel ALBERT L. LEE.

11th Illinois, Company G, Lieutenant Stephen S. Tripp.

2nd Iowa, Major Datus E. Coon.

7th Kansas, Lieutenant Colonel T. P. Herrick.

3rd Michigan, Major Gilbert Moyers.

5th Missouri, Company C, Lieutenant John C. Mohrstadt.



First Brigade.

Brigadier General MORGAN L. SMITH.

113th Illinois, Colonel George B. Hoge.

120th Illinois, Colonel George W. McKeaig.

6th Missouri, Colonel Peter E. Bland.

8th Missouri, Colonel Giles A. Smith.

54th Ohio, Colonel T. Kilby Smith.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General J. W. DENVER.

40th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Jas. W. Boothe.

100th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel Albert Heath.

6th Iowa, Colonel John M. Corse.

46th Ohio, Colonel Charles C. Walcutt.

13th United States, 1st Battalion, Major Daniel Chase.

Third Brigade.#

97th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel Robert F. Catterson.

99th Indiana, Colonel Alexander Fowler.

48th Ohio, Colonel Peter J. Sullivan.

53rd Ohio, Colonel Wells S. Jones.

70th Ohio, Colonel Joseph R. Cockerill.

Fourth Brigade.


55th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Malmborg.

116th Illinois, Colonel Nathan W. Tupper.

127th Illinois, Colonel John Van Arman.

83rd Indiana, Colonel Benjamin J. Spooner.

57th Ohio, Colonel William Mungen.

Fifth Brigade.


93rd Illinois, Colonel Holden Putnam.

114th Illinois, Colonel James W. Judy.

93rd Indiana, Colonel De Witt C. Thomas.

72nd Ohio, Major Charles G. Eaton.

32nd Wisconsin, Colonel James H. Howe.

Reserve Brigade.#

117th Illinois, Colonel Risdon M. Moore.

130th Illinois, Colonel Nathaniel Niles.

33rd Wisconsin, Colonel Jonathan B. Moore.


* Brigade organizations not indicated on original return.

+ Assignments to divisions not indicated on orignal returns.

# Commander not indicated.