War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0319 Chapter XXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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lic safety, even to the re-enforcement of Corinth, which is out of your district, you can make.

I will inform General Dodge that he is to communicate directly with you. A line of couriers will be kept up between my headquarters and the telegraph; through this I desire to be kept informed of everything that it is important should be communicated to me.


JACKSON, TENN., November 2, 1862.

General DAVIES, Columbus, Ky.:

Are any new regiments on the way here? I want two regiments to go to Bolivar, including any that may be on the road at this time. If there are not two on the road now, send Starring's regiment and detain one to arrive in its place. As previously directed, send four regiments in all arriving, on suitable transports to Memphis. After sending two regiments to Bolivar send one to Trenton and one to Union City to relieve those two regiments, and order them to report here to General Hurlbut. All others arriving will be sent to Jackson for further orders.




Jackson, Tenn., November 3, 1862.

Numbers 4.

It has been reported to the general commanding that many families within the limits of the military guards of this department are in a suffering condition - lacking food and clothing - and without any possible means of earning or procuring support. People not actively engaged in rebellion should not be allowed to suffer from hunger in reach of a country abounding with supplies. The Government, never the cause of this state of affairs, should not be subjected to the burden of furnishing the necessary relief, but the weight should fall on those who by act, encouragement, or sympathy have caused the want now experienced. It is therefore ordered:

I. The necessary expenses for the relief needed must be borne by sympathizers with the rebellion.

II. District commanders throughout this department will cause the extent of these wants to be ascertained and the necessary supplies to be procured and distributed.

III. To this end district commanders will cause all persons known to be disloyal within reach of their respective commands to be assessed in proportion to their relative ability to pay, and cause such assessments to be collected and discreetly applied. Assessments may be paid in money or supplies.

IV. A suitable chaplain or other commissioned officer will be appointed at each post where it may be necessary to distribute supplies under this order, who shall have charge of the distribution of supplies and who shall be held responsible for the faithful performance of his duties and that no supplies are unworthily bestowed.

V. Commissaries of subsistence will be allowed to sell provisions, at the rates charged officers, to such persons as are designated to distribute them, on certificates that they are for such purpose and are necessary to save suffering.

VI. Officers collecting assessments will keep an accurate account of