War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0282 WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS. Chapter XXIX.

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Washington City, October 20, 1862.

General W. S. ROSECRANS, Corinth, Miss.:

Dispatch of the 19th in relation to arms received. The 439 Colt's revolving rifles were all that were on hand.

On the 18th instant, on the requisition of Colonel T. L. Dickey, chief of cavalry General Grant's army, the following breech-loading carbines, with accouterments and ammunition complete, were ordered to be sent to Columbus, Ky., with dispatch, for the use of the following regiments and companies in that army:

Second Illinois Cavalry, 330 Sharps'; Fourth Illinois, 280 Sharps'; Sixth Illinois, 220 Sharps'; Thielemann's, 70 Sharps'; Stewart's Battalion, 70 Sharps'; Ford's company (attached to Fifty-third Illinois), 70 Sharps'; Fifth Iowa, 330 Sharps'; Eleventh Illinois, 630 Smith's; Fifth Ohio, 750 Burnside's. Total, 2,750 carbines.

On the 14th instant 1,000 army revolvers were ordered from the inspector of contract arms to be sent to Saint Louis Arsenal, and 500 Pettengill army revolvers are now on their way there. These 1,500 pistols Major Callender has been directed to keep to fill your requisitions. In making them on him make a separate requisition for each regiment, or give the designation of each in a consolidated requisition, to enable the accounts to be kept with the States.


Assistant Secretary of War.


October 20, 1862.

Colonel ELLET,

Commanding Ram Fleet, Mound City, Ill.:

The ram fleet was not included in the transfer of the gunboat fleet to the Navy Department. Its disposition was left for further consideration. You will retain command as heretofore until further orders.


Secretary of War.


Washington City, October 21, 1862.

Ordered, That Major-General McClernand be, and he is, directed to proceed to the States of Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa, to organize the troops remaining in those States and to be raised by volunteering or draft, and forward them with all dispatch to Memphis, Cairo, or such other points as may hereafter be designated by the general-in-chief, to the end that, when a sufficient force not required by the operations of General Grant's command shall be raised, an expedition may be organized under General McClernand's command against Vicksburg and to clear the Mississippi River and open navigation to New Orleans.

The forces so organized will remain subject to the designation of the general-in-chief, and be employed according to such exigencies as the service in his judgment may require.


Secretary of War.