War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0162 WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS. Chapter XXIX.

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mere pieces of paper are at Grenada, the debts are here, and I must insist that the officers of the bank give public notice that the notes must be paid here by the makers or the securities will be proceeded against. Again the assets were removed by force and fraud by Beauregard and others, who have property here which is liable for their unlawful acts. Out of these the branch bank can and must recover the means to redeem their notes and pay back to their depositors. They should do so at once, lest tactics be changed and men pay or pretend to pay their notes elsewhere.

The difficulty only is they fear the power of the common enemy and are trembling lest they commit themselves in case our enemy prevails. The branch bank here was vacant or not in use. General Grant ordered me to take possession of all vacant buildings and appropriate them to the use of the United States. I could have taken this building, but have forborne until the directors have time to assume their ground. They must be true to their trust, declare boldly and openly against the parties who robbed them, at once begin to realize on assets which, though seemingly removed, are still here, else I have no alternative but to conclude that they are in complicity with our enemies and treat them as such.

I know that you agree with me in this-that all men must now choose which king. This by-play is more dangerous than open, bold rebellion. A large amount of the success of our enemies has resulted from their boldness. They have no hair-splitting. We, too, must imitate and surpass their game and compel all men and corporations to at once espouse the cause of their State and National Governments, thereby securing full right to protection, or openly to rebel and forfeit their property and their lives. Please say as much to the president of the bank.

I am, with great respect,




August 11, 1862.

General GRANGE, Rienzi:

General Grant says he has information that 800 to 1,000 conscripts and guerrillas rendezvousing about Ripley are raiding up toward Pocahontas-that is, via Russellville-burning cotton, &c. Can you verify that and if possible cut off and capture a large number of them? "Sharp is the word."

Tell Elliott his orders are here to report to Pope without delay.

The Second Missouri Reserve is ordered to Saint Louis to report to Major-General Schofield. Direct them to get ready; the order will be ready in the morning.


Brigadier-General, U. S. Army.

ROSECRANS', August 11, 1862.

General GRANT:

I sent word to Granger to inquire into that matter. Our cavalry were over there on Saturday and captured 25 conscripts. Our spies from there agree in saying there are only 150 of those fellows, who rendezvous