War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0147 Chapter XXIX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Brigadier General WILLIAM S. ROSECRANS.


Brigadier General JAMES D. MORGAN.

10th Illinois, Colonel John Tillson.

16th Illinois, Captain Charles Petri.

22nd Illinois, Major Francis Swanwick.

27th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan R. Miles.

42nd Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Northrop.

51st Illinois, Colonel Luther P. Bradley.

60th Illinois, Colonel Silas C. Toler.

10th Michigan, Colonel Charles M. Lum.

14th Michigan, Colonel Robert P. Sinclair.

Yates Sharpshooters, Major Frederick W. Matteson.

1st Illinois Artillery, Battery C, Captain Charles Houghtaling.

1st Missouri Artillery, Battery G, Captain Henry Hescock.

1st Missouri Artillery, Battery M, Lieutenant Junius W. MacMurray.

10th Wisconsin Battery, Captain Yates V. Beebe.


Brigadier General DAVID S. STANLEY.

First Brigade.

Colonel J. L. KIRBY SMITH.

27th Ohio, Major Zeph. S. Spaulding.

39th Ohio, Colonel Alfred W. Gilbert.

43rd Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Wager Swayne.

63rd Ohio, Colonel John W. Sprague.

3rd Michigan Battery, Lieutenant Carl A. Lamberg.

2nd U. S. Artillery, Battery F, Captain Thomas D. Maurice.

Second Brigade.


26th Illinois, Colonel John M. Loomis.

5th Minnesota, Colonel Rudolph Von Borgersode.

11th Missouri, Colonel Joseph A. Mower.

8th Wisconsin, Lieutenant Colonel George W. Robbins.


Brigadier General CHARLES S. HAMILTON.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General N. B. BUFORD.

48th Indiana, Colonel Norman Eddy.

59th Indiana, Colonel Jesse I. Alexander.

5th Iowa, Lieutenant Colonel Charles L. Matthies.

4th Minnesota, Colonel John B. Sanborn.

26th Missouri, Colonel George B. Boomer.

11th Ohio Battery, Captain Frank C. Sands.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General J. C. SULLIVAN.

56th Illinois, Colonel William R. Brown.

10th Iowa, Colonel Nicholas Perczel.

17th Iowa, Colonel John W. Rankin.

10th Missouri, Colonel Samuel A. Holmes.

80th Ohio, Colonel Ephraim R. Eckley.

Captain Henry Hopkins' (Kansas) Battery.

1st Missouri Artillery, Battery I, Captain William A. Pile.


Brigadier General JEFF. C. DAVIS.

21st Illinois, Colonel John W. S. Alexander.

25th Illinois, Major Richard H. Nodine.

35th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel William P. Chandler.

38th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Mortimer O. Kean.

59th Illinois, Colonel P. Sidney Post.

22nd Indiana, Colonel Michael Gooding.

8th Kansas, Lieutenant Colonel John A. Martin.

15th Wisconsin, Colonel Hans C. Heg.

2nd Minnesota Battery, Captain William A. Hotchkiss.

5th Wisconsin Battery, Captain Oscar F. Pinney.

8th Wisconsin Battery, Captain Stephen J. Carpenter.


*At Cherokee Station, Ala. Brigades not indicated on original return.

+Clear Creek, Miss.

++Near Corinth, Miss.

@Near Jacinto, Miss.