War of the Rebellion: Serial 025 Page 0146 WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS. Chapter XXIX.

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40th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel James W. Boothe.

55th Illinois, Colonel David Stuart.

6th Iowa, Lieutenant Colonel John M. Corse.

6th Missouri, Lieutenant Colonel James H. Blood.

8th Missouri, Lieutenant Colonel Giles A. Smith.

46th Ohio, Colonel Thomas Worthington.

48th Ohio, Colonel Peter J. Sullivan.

53rd Ohio, Colonel Wells S. Jones.

54th Ohio, Colonel T. Kilby Smith.

57th Ohio, Colonel William Mungen.

70th Ohio, Colonel Joseph R. Cockerill.

72nd Ohio, Colonel Ralph P. Buckland.

77th Ohio, Colonel Jesse Hildebrand.

4th Illinois Cavalry (eight companies), Major William L. Gibson.

6th Illinois Cavalry (five companies), Colonel Benjamin H. Grierson.

11th Illinois Cavalry (four companies), Major Lucine H. Kerr.

1st Illinois Artillery, Battery A, Captain Peter P. Wood.

1st Illinois Artillery, Battery B, Captain Samuel E. Barrett.

1st Illinois Artillery, Battery E, Captain Allen C. Waterhouse.

1st Illinois Artillery, Battery F, Captain John T. Cheney.

1st Illinois Artillery, Battery H, Captain Axel Silfversparre.

1st Illinois Artillery, Battery I, Captain Edward Bouton.

2nd Illinois Artillery, Battery K, Captain Benjamin F. Rodgers.

Independent Illinois Battery, Captain William Cogswell.

6th Indiana Battery, Captain Michael Mueller.

1st Michigan Artillery, Battery H, Lieutenant Theo. W. Lockwood.

8th Ohio Battery, Captain Charles H. Schmidt.


Brigadier General ISAAC F. QUINBY.


54th Illinois, Colonel Thomas W. Harris.

62nd Illinois, Colonel James M. True.

34th Indiana, Company F, Captain Robert B. Jones.

1st Kansas, Colonel George W. Deitzler.

5th Missouri, Company F, Lieutenant John E. Hensler.

12th Wisconsin, Colonel George E. Bryant.

13th Wisconsin, Colonel Maurice Maloney.

15th Wisconsin, Companies G and I, Captain John A. Gordon.

15th and 16th U. S. Infantry (detachments), Major John R. Edie.


2nd Illinois Cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel Harvey Hogg.

6th Illinois Cavalry, Major William L. Caldwell.

Company E, Illinois Cavalry, Captain William D. Hutchens.


2nd Illinois Artillery, Battery G, Captain Frederick Sparrestrom.

2nd Illinois Artillery, Battery H, Captain Andrew Stenbeck.

1st Michigan, Battery H (one section), Captain Samuel De Golyer.

7th Wisconsin Battery, Captain Richard R. Griffith.


Brigadier General WILLIAM K. STRONG.

63rd Illinois, Colonel Francis Moro.

71st Illinois, Colonel Othniel Gilbert.

6th Illinois Cavalry, Companies B and M.

1st Illinois Artillery, Battery K, Captain Jason B. Smith.

2nd Illinois Artillery, Battery C, Captain James P. Flood.


52nd Indiana (one company).

71st Ohio, Colonel Rodney Mason.

14th Wisconsin, Lieutenant Colonel Lyman M. Ward.

12th Illinois Cavalry, Company B, Captain Franklin T. Gilbert.

5th Iowa Cavalry, Lt. Colonel M. T. Patrick.

4th Ohio Independent Cavalry Company, Captain John S. Foster.

Ford's cavalry (one company), Captain William Ford.

Engineer Regiment of the West, Colonel Josiah W. Bissell.


*Headquarters at Columbus, Ky.