War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0807 Chapter XXIX. ORGANIZATION MENTIONED.

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Wade's [William] Artillery. See Missouri Troops, Confederate.

Walker's [William H.] Cavalry. See Indiana Troops, 1st Regiment.

Ward's [M. S.] Artillery. See Mississippi Troops, 14th Battalion.

Warner's [John] Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 108th Regiment.

Watson Artillery. See Louisiana Troops.

Waul's [T. N.] Legion. See Texas Troops.

Weaver's James B.] Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Weber's [Andrew J.] Infantry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 11th Regiment.

Webster [D.] Artillery. See Wisconsin Troops, 1st Battery.

Weem's [J. W.] Artillery. See J. L. Wofford's Artillery.

Welker's [Frederick] Artillery. See Missouri Troops, Union, 1st Regiment, Battery H.

Wells' [Samuel T.] Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 50th Regiment.

Western Sharpshooters Infantry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 14th Regiment.

Wharton's [Jack] Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 6th Regiment.

Wheeler's [J. T.] Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Wheelock's [Arthur B.] Artillery. See Wisconsin Troops, 7th Battery.

White's [H. B.] Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 10th Battery.

Whitfield's [J. W.] Legion. See Texas Troops, 27th Regiment Cavalry.

Wilcox's [John S.] Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 52nd Regiment.

Wilkes' [F. C.] Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 24th Regiment.

Willcox [Lyman G.] Cavalry. See Michigan Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Williams' [George A.] Siege Artillery.* See George A. Williams.

Williams' [W. S.] Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 3rd Battery.

Williamson's [James A.] Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 4th Regiment.

Wilson's [F. C.] Artillery. See Charles G. Cooley's Artillery.

Wofford's [Jeff. L.] Artillery. See Mississippi Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery D.

Woods' [Charles R.] Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 76th Regiment.

Woods' [Oliver] Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 22nd Regiment.

Woods' [P. P.] Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery A.

Woodward's [T. G.] Cavalry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 1st Regiment.

Worthington's [Thomas] Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 46th Regiment.

Wright's [Clark] Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 6th Regiment.

Witherspoon's [W. W.] Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 36th Regiment.

Yates' Sharpshooters, Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 64th Regiment.

Young's [John L.] Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 17th Regiment.

Young's [R. B.] Infantry. See Texas Troops, 10th Regiment.