War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0799 Chapter XXIX. ORGANIZATION MENTIONED.

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Baker's [Samuel R.] Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 47th Regiment.

Baldwin's [William H.] Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 83rd Regiment.

Ballentine's [John G.] Cavalry. See Mississippi Troops.

Banbury's [Jabez+] Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 17th Regiment.

Barbour's [J. G.] Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 18th Battalion.

Barlow's [W. P.] Artillery. See Watson Artillery.

Barrett's [Samuel E.] Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery B.

Barry's [William S.] Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 35th Regiment.

Barteau's [C. R.] Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Barter's [Richard F.] Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 24th Regiment.

Bartilson's [M. H.] Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 80th Regiment.

Beardsley's [Ezra M.] Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 126th Regiment.

Beck's [F. B.] Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 23rd Regiment.

Belknap's [W. W.] Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 15th Regiment.

Bell's [Hiram P.] Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 43rd Regiment.

Bennett's [Thomas W.] Infantry. See Indian Troops, 69th Regiment.

Benson's [B. B.] Cavalry. See R. V. Richardson's Cavalry.

Benton Hussars, Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 5th Regiment.

Biffle's [Jacob B.] Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Binford's Partisans. Official designation unknown. See Captain Binford.

Bissell's [Josiah W.] Engineers. See Missouri Troops, Union.

Bledsoe's [H. M.] Artillery. See Missouri Troops, Confederate.

Blood's [James H.] Infantry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 6th Regiment.

Blount's [Ambrose A.] Cavalry. See Ohio Troops, 17th Battery.

Boggess' [J. S.] Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Bolton's [William H.] Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 2nd Regiment, Battery L.

Boomer's [George B.] Infantry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 26th Regiment.

Boone's [Squire] Infantry. See Arkansas Troops, 15th Regiment.

Bouch's [G.] Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 18th Regiment.

Bouanchaud's [A.] Artillery. See Pointe Coupee Artillery.

Bowman's [Robert] Artillery. See Mississippi Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery I.

Boyd's [James P.] Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 116th Regiment.

Brackett's [Alfred B.] Cavalry. See Iowa Troops, 5th Regiment.

Breckenridge's [W. K. M.] Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 6th Regiment.

Brent's [P.] Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 38th Regiment.

Bridges' [H. W.] Sharpshooters. See Stirman's Sharpshooters.

Brott's [E. C.] Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 83rd Regiment.

Brotzmann's [Edward] Artillery. See Charles Mann's Artillery.

Brunner's [John F.] Artillery. See Missouri Troops, Union, 1st Regiment, Battery I.

Bryan's [W. C.] Artillery. See Appeal Artillery.

Burgh's [Henry B.] Cavalry. See Illinois Troops, 9th Regiment.

Burke's [Patrick E.] Sharpshooters. See Missouri Troops, Union, 14th Regiment.

Burnan's [Silas A.] Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 7th Battery.

Brurrows' [Adrian A.] Artillery. [See Ohio Troops, 15th Battery.]

Burrow's [Reuben] Cavalry. See R. V. Richardson's Cavalry.

Bursley's [A. A.] Artillery. See Watson Artillery.

Callicott's [John A.] Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 29th Regiment.

Carpenter's [Stephen J.] Artillery. See Wisconsin Troops, 8th Battery.

Caruthers' [C. K.] Infantry. See Mississippi Troops.

Cavender's [John S.] Infantry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 29th Regiment.

Chambers' [Alexander] Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 16th Regiment.

Chapman's [Fletcher H.] Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 2nd Regiment, Battery B.

Chase's [Daniel] Infantry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 13th Regiment.


*Temporarily commanding.