War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0622 Chapter XXIX. WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS.

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they may encounter they must be carefully instructed to show the United States flag and two white handkerchiefs of cloths, one on each side oft eh flag. This is the signal agreed on by myself and the admiral by which our troops can be distinguished from the rebels, who sometimes display our flag and wear our clothes.

By ordered of Major General W. T. Sherman:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Numbers 37. December 28, 1862.

I. The center, or Second Division, will cross the bayou and from in two lines, facing, the lines seeking cover and separated by about 100 yards. The movements to be made in silence and in good order.

II. The left, or Third Division, in a like manner will cross this bayou, from in two lines in perfect silence and in good order, facing east, and covered by timber or shape of ground if possible.

III. One brigade of the First Division will the bayou and form in two lines, facing east, to the rear of the space between the center and left divisions, supporting the left center.

IV. The Fourth Division or reserve will cover the left and support the left Morgan's division, and at the same time make feints, as if moving north to Haines' Bluff.

V. One brigade of General A. J. Smith's division will hold the position where the main road from Johnson's to Vicksburg intersects the read from Vicksburg to Mrs. Lake's, with advance skirmishers and infantry on the Vicksburg batteries at the point where Johnson road comes into the main country road. The whole line will move as nearly east as possible as the ground will admit, simultaneously attacking the crest of hills in their front, Morgan's division securing a lodgment on the top, M. L. Smith the face of the hill, and A. J. Smith the county road, looking toward Vicksburg, keeping up a connection with the point of intersection of the roads before named. Blair's brigade will follow the movement of and support the center. After Morgan has passed the county road, Steele's reserve will hold the ground opposite his present position, looking toward Haines' Bluff, on the county road, near foot of the hill. When the assault commences the brigade and regiments must be cautioned to keep their exact places in line, moving as rapidly as the nature of the ground and the amount of resistance will admit, and after securing the position indicated each divisions will besom disposed as to face either north or south, and so directs their as to assist their neighboring divisions. If fixed batteries or rifle-pits are encountered the quicker they are carried the batter, and the attacking party will follow on their heels until they are clear of the field. Should the artillery by unable to follow the movements of the infantry it should be sent under secure escort to the reserve or to the rear, near the bayou. Each division commander will accomplish the object designated without calling for assistance, but will send prompt intelligence to the neighboring divisions and to the commander,-in-chief, who will be near the center.

By ordered Major General W. T. Sherman:


Assistant Adjutant-General.