War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0601 Chapter XXIX. VICKSBURG.

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Numbers 32. - Brigadier General Stephen D. Lee, C. S. Army commanding Provisional Division, of operations December 25, 1862-January 2, 1863.

Numbers 33.-Colonel William T. Withers, First Mississippi Light Artillery, of operations December 26, 1863-January 2, 1863.

Numbers 34.-Colonel Edvard Higgins, Twenty-second Louisiana Infantry, of affair at Snyder's Mill.

Numbers 35.-Colonel Allen Thomas, Twenty-eighteenth Louisiana Infantry, of skirmishes at Chickasaw Bayou.

Numbers 36.-Colonel C. H. Morrison, Thirty-first Louisiana Infantry, of operations December 26-29, 1862.

Numbers 1.

Reports of Major General William T. Sherman, U. S. Army commanding Expedition, of operations December 12, 1862-January 4, 1864, with instructions from Major-General,* etc.



Oxford, Miss., December 8, 1862.

Major General W. T. SHERIDAN, Commanding Right Wing:

You will proceed with as little delay as possible to Memphis, Tenn., taking with you one division of your present command. On your arrival at Memphis you will assume command of all the troops there, and that portion of General Curtis' forces at present east of the Mississippi River, and organize them into brigades and divisions in your own way. As soon as possible move with down the river to the vicinity of Vicksburg, and with the co-operation of the gunboat fleet under command of Flag-Officer Porter proceed to the reduction of that place, in such manner as circumstances as your own judgment may dictate. The amount of rations, forage, land transportation, &c., necessary to take will be left entire with yourself.

The quartermasters at Saint Louis will be instructed to send you transportation for 30,000 men. Should you still find yourself deficient, your quartermaster will be authorized to make up the deficiency from such transports as may come into the port of Memphis.

On arriving in Memphis put yourself in communication with Admiral Foote and arrange with him for his co-operation. Inform me at the earliest practicable day of the time when you will embark and such planks as may then be natured. I will hold the forces here in readiness to co-operate with you in such manner as the movements of the enemy may make necessary.

Leave the District of Memphis in the command of an efficient officer, and with a garrison of four regiment of infantry, the siege guns, and whatever cavalry may be there.



MEMPHIS, December 12, 1862.

(Received Oxford, December 14.)

I arrived at 12 m. to-day, and find Generals A. J. Smith and Morgan here, each in command of a division, but their old divisions


* See also Grant to Stelle, December 8; to McClernand, December 18, and to commanding officer expedition, &c., December 23; and McClernand to Grant, December 28, in "Correspondence, etc.," Part II.