War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0447 Chapter XXIX. CORINTH.

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as possible to Holly Springs; thence to the various hospitals the rear on the railroad, and to obtain from Colonel Orr, commanding at Holly Springs, such facilities as the town afforded, consisting of bedding, mattresses, subsistence, stimulants, and to such hospitals I might select

Major M. M. KIMMEL, assistant adjutant-general Army of West Tennessee, commanded by Major-General, duly sworn.


Question. Are you chief of staff at General Van Dorn's headquarters? If so, do you know whether or not the attack on Corinth was a subject that had engaged the consideration of General Van Dorn before he left Jackson, Miss.?

Answer. I am the senior assistant adjutant-general on General Van Dorn's staff. I know that the attack on Corinth was a subject thought about and spoken of By General Van Dorn frequently as long ago as August last, particularly after receiving communications from Generals Bragg and Price upon this subject. The letter from General Bragg which first intimated that he (General Van Dorn) was to go into the field was received in August.

Question. Do you know whether or not General Van Dorn had furnished himself with maps of the approaches to Corinth before the attack was made?

Answer. Yes; I knew that he had maps and that the maps were frequently examined by him in my presence.

Question. Do you know whether or not General Van Dorn knew anything of the defenses of Corinth before the attack?

Answer. Besides the knowledge acquired last spring by General Van Dorn of the works on the northwest side of the west side of the town, I know that reports were made by individual of the works on the south side of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad and in front of our right when we attacked.

Question. Do you know whether or not General Van Dorn had made himself acquainted with the roads from Tuscumbia Bridge or Chewalla to Holly Springs via Ripley and Hickory Flat; also by Bone Yard and Rienzi?

Answer. I think so most thoroughly, as well as well as they could be know without going over the ground himself.

Question. If so, were orders given by him to General Lovell to move his from Ripley to Hickory Flat via Orizaba?

Answer. Yes.

Question. Was the corps of General Price directed him by to taken the same point?

Answer. Yes.

Question. Were there other roads on which Adam's cavalry were ordered to move?

Answer. Yes.

Question. Were you continuously near the person of General Van Dorn from the time the army left Ripley until it returned to Holly Springs.

Answer. I was continually near the person of General Van Dorn during the whole time.

Question. Do you know whether or not any order was given by General Varn Dorn to any portion of the army to countermarch, which order