War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0437 Chapter XXIX. CORINTH.

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WEDNESDAY, November 19, 1862-10 o'clock.

The court met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Major Gens. Sterling Price and D. H. Maury, Brigadier General Lloyed Tilghman, and Captain E. H. Cummins, recorder, and Major General Earl Van Dorn.

Colonel Robertson, commanding Thirty-fifth Alabama, Regiment having been summoned as a witness for the defense, was reported absent on furlough of thirty days by the adjutant of his regiment.

Lieutenant L. B. HUTCHINSON, First Missouri Regiment, was duly sworn.


Question. Do you know that any wounded soldiers were detained one or more nights at Water Valley?

Answer. I do.

Question. Can you state when this occurred?

Answer. The Saturday night after we arrived at Holly Springs.

Question. Where is Water Valley?

Answer. Somewhat between Oxford and Conffeeville.

Question. Were these soldiers from the battle-field at or near Corinth?

Answer. Those I conversed with said they were.

Question. How many trains were there?

Answer. One that I saw.

Question. Were their wounds undressed?

Answer. I am not certain but think they were.

Question. Were they crowded in the cars, that is, were they uncomfortably crowded?

Answer. I think not.

Question. Were they without blankets?

Answer. Most of them were.

Question. And without nourishment?

Answer. They complained that they had nothing east.

Question. Did they state how long since they had food or nourishment?

Answer. They said they had nothing since they left the hospital. I do not know when that was.

Question. Were they not in charge of an officer?

Answer. Captain Kennerly and myself looked for an officer and could find none.

Question. Of whom did you inquire for an officer?

Answer. We inquired of the wounded men themselves and one or two railroad men, who replied that they knew of no one being in charge.

Question. Was there any nurse or any other attendant with them or a surgeon?

Answer. None that we could find.

Question. Did you ascertain who ordered them in the cars? Did you inquire?

Answer. I did not ascertain. Something was said about their having been put aboard at Holly Springs.

Question. How came you to be at Water Valley?

Answer. I was on my way to conffeeville with my brother, who was sick, taking him to Coffeeville under orders from General Bowen.