War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0433 Chapter XXIX. CORINTH.

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impression is that General Van Dorn consulted me after the firing had ceased, for we were together a great deal and consulted frequently during the battle. I know that it was my opinion that it would have been better to have continued the pursuit into the town on that night if General Lovell was ready to sport me; but as that fact was not known it was prudent to delay the attack on the town until the succeeding morning. My army was then ordered to bivouac in their then position.

Question. Could General Van Dorn have prevented the enemy reenforcing that night?

Answer. I think not?

Question. Could you tell by the noise of the wagons and artillery carriages whether the enemy was re-enforcing or evacuating Corinth?

Answer. I had a conversation with General Van Dorn on the subject that night or early next morning, who was nearer the enemy that night than I was myself, and I think I learned from him that he had heard the noise of wheels of wagons, &c., during the night, and that it was his impression that they were evacuating Corinth. I do not think I heard this noise of the wagons myself.

Question. Are you aware of any circuitous or unnecessary marching on the retreat from Corinth?

Answer. I do not know that there was any unnecessary, circuitous, or any counter marching of consequence in my command.

Question. Were any of your men starving at this time?

Answer. I think not. Their rations had become perhaps scarcer than they would have been on account of the return of the provision wagons that had reached the neighborhood of Hatchie Bridge and had heard that the enemy were between them and our army. In a word, i would say that I believe every necessary provision had been made to supply the men with rations, and I believe I know as much about it as anybody except General Van Dorn. I had heard his orders given and thought them sufficient.

Question. Did your troops after reaching Lumpkin's Mill suffer by reason of the non-issue of breadstuffs?

Answer. I am not aware that they did.

Question. Have you any knowledge of the facts alleged in the third specification of the second charge?

Answer. I know nothing about it; nor did I hear of until I it saw in that specification.


Question. Did the troops in your command charge the enemy and push forward at every opportunity as gallantly as our troops have ever