War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0427 Chapter XXIX. CORINTH.

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Answer. The enemy's center was broken near the railroad. I saw it retiring in confusion, pursued simply be a line of skirmishers. If the whole of Lovell's division had moved directly forward we could have entered pell-mell with them into town.

Question. When the enemy broke as you say and field, why was the attack on the right not made? Is it usual for troops to wait for orders under such circumstances?

Answer. I should think not; but the different brigades were halted by General Lovell. Two of my regiments had to be called back (rather one regiment and a battalion) the officers having considered that they had full authority to pursue and that they were being supported.

Question. That opportunity lost, could preparations be made to take the place by assault before dark?

Answer. If the had formed within an hour and the advance made directly upon center I think the place would have fallen.

Question. Was there continuous fire on the center and left of our forces until nearly dark?

Answer. Yes; continuous random firing. The enemy, having rallied, reformed at that point, as I believing at the time, to cover the retreat.

Question. Do you know anything of the condition of things on our left or the opposition made by the enemy in that quarter?

Answer. I do not.

Question. You say that you saw the center, of the enemy break. What was the amount of the force of the enemy's center?

Answer. About five regiments which I saw. They were running in confusion and passing helter-skelter through a train of wagons, one or two of which were broken down, and the quartermaster of the train was shot by one of the skirmishers of our command, who failed to hear the order calling them in. I captured a team of mules from this train and used it to bring off the"Lady Richardson" Parrott gun captured.

Question. How far off were you from the inner entrenchments at this time?

Answer. There was line of redoubts with an abatis immediately to our right and a little to the front. I think there were no guns in position in any of these redoubts at this time. The inner line to the right, where my brigade was drawn up on the second morning, was to the right and front about 1 1/2 miles. The works immediately in front I never saw.

Question. Whose were the troops that broke the center?

Answer. General Lovell's with the right of General Price's. I think was Moore's brigade.

Question. Did you hear any heavy firing on the left, some distance off, after his?

Answer. I think I heard some artillery firing about that time to the left.

Question. Do you know what force of the enemy was at this time in your front or on your right and front?

Answer. I do not know, except the five or six regiments which were fleeing from us. I cannot tell whether they were supported or not, the reached regiments not having pushed the pursuit far enough to ascertain.

Question. If you had advanced in pursuit of the enemy at this point and been checked and a column had deployed on your right what would have been the consequence? Do you know that there was no force of the enemy on your right?

Answer. I was fully satisfied at the time that the entire left of the enemy was falling back, their whole movement indicating it.