War of the Rebellion: Serial 024 Page 0418 WEST TENN. AND NORTHERN MISS. Chapter XXIX.

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Question. State all you know relative to the second specification.

Answer. I reached Holly Springs on the night of the 10th. I was notified I could get subsistence from post commissary. A large portion of the few cooking utensils with which the command was provided being left yet behind, I intended myself to have the rations cooked by the citizens, and ordered details from each regiment go to the houses of citizens who had agreed to cook for them, and ordered my brigade commissary, Major Marshall, to hurry the issuing of the rations. it was a wet and cold evening. He (Marshall) in a little while reported to me that the men were not suffering much, and preferred not to draw the rations that evening, and accordingly it was not done. They have not been without rations from that time to this, so far as I know, and I try to keep myself advised of their condition in that respect.

Question. State what you know relative to the third specification, second charge.

Answer. I know nothing at all about that.

Cross-examination by DEFENDANT:

Question. In the skirmishing the day before the attack in Corinth was our infantry engaged with the enemy's pickets?

Answer. When near Chewalla and, as I afterward ascertained, to a small encampment of the enemy and some trivial defenses to the left of the road, his presence was announced, and I was ordered to form my brigade-it being in front-in line of battle and to throw out skirmishers, which i did as speedily as possible. While putting my skirmishers in position a few shots were fired from the front, to which my men were not permitted to respond. Having formed my men I advanced rapidly, passing through and over their camp and breastworks without encountering or seeing any of them. There was a ridge between where I formed my men and the encampment of the enemy, making one invisible to the other.

Question. Where did your command encamp that night? Did you advance beyond Chewalla?

Answer. I encamped on the road to the right and a little in advance of Chewalla, my left resting on the road and extending at right angles to it in line of battle through the woods.

Question. At what time did our infantry engage the enemy? Id ext, what day, and how far from Corinth?

Answer. My brigade engaged it in the morning of the 3d, about 11 o'clock, about 2 miles from Corinth . I do not think there had been any engagement of the infantry until them.

Question. Did you have an independent command or were you acting under the orders of Major-General Lovell?

Answer. I was acting under orders of Major-General Lovell.

Question. Do you know whether Major-General Lovell received from Major-General Van Dorn at Chewalla on our advance a map of Corinth its defenses and approaches?

Answer. I do not. I think I saw a map in his hand; I am pretty sure I did. I do not know where he got it.

Question. Do you know whether General Van Dorn, before he left Ripley, after the junction with General Price, had in his possession a Federal map of corinth and its approaches taken from the enemy at Iuka?

Answer. No; I do not know it.

Question. Do you know whether in advancing upon Corinth and retreating from that place General Van Dorn had competent guides with him?

Answer. I do not know.